Watch: 50 Cent Releases The Music Video For ‘My Life,’ Featuring Eminem And Adam Levine


Back in October we got to see some images from 50 Cent’s new video for My Life, featuring Eminem and Adam Levine. Although… the Adam Levine feature was kind of a surprise, but I’ll take it! The full video premiered a few days ago and I’m just now checking it out. I haven’t really liked a 50 Cent song in a while, but My Life has a great sound to it and 50 and Em really do have some bars on this one. Eminem was recently featured on a Rihanna track and I’ve really been loving his features lately. Peep the video for more! And check out the lyrics over here at DirectLyrics. My Life was shot in Detroit, and it’s got that big-budget, cinematic feel… so it’s kind of a big deal, lol. But there’s also that dark quality there that we’ve come to associate with Em and Fiddy. Me likey!


  • xokimmy

    time out. Adam Levine was in my state and I wasn’t there to welcome (read: stalk) him?!?! so upset.
    as for the song, I’m no rap aficionado, but I quite enjoyed it.

    • Shannon

      xokimmy, LMAO! Sorry you found out after the fact but at least you like the song :)

  • nicole

    the songs alright. without Eminem & Adam, it would be nothing. 50 needs to start rethinking this. he kind of ruined his own career and hes not doing much to help it get back on track.

  • Stevie

    This video was shot at Michigan Central Station a few weeks ago, I’m loving it! It was right after Eminem shot a video with Skylar Grey at Camp Dearborn in Michigan, not many people knew about that shoot so me and my husband were lucky enough to watch eminem do his scenes up close :) love that eminem is putting money back into our state!

  • muchacha

    Just got a little nostalgic hearing Em & 50 together, I’ll be adding this song to my playlist :) Thanks Shannon!

  • Dana J

    wow this song is damn good. 50 and Em need to collab more or 50 can just stop rapping, whatever comes first.