Praise The Gods: Chicken-And-Waffles Flavored Syrup Finally Exists


It’s time for some feel-good news y’all! Lindsay Lohan may be [unsurprisingly] going through hella drama, and we may still be mourning the dissolution of Elmo’s innocence, but all is not lost! Torani (the company that pretty much invented the flavored latte) has found a solution to, like, 72% of the world’s problems: Chicken-And-Waffles syrup. True story. Click inside for more!

Before going any further, I have to give a major shouts-out to my California cousins Asante and Kelli. If it weren’t for them– and that one time they took me to Roscoe’s House Of Chicken And Waffles– I wouldn’t even know to be excited about this news.

According to Jezebel, this all started out as a joke, but when Torani first introduced their  Chicken ‘N Waffles Flavored Syrup as an April Fool’s prank, people damn near lost their minds and began demanding that it become, like, a real thing. And voila!  Here it is.

I’m not gonna lie y’all. It’s been a long Thursday for me, but THIS link to the Torani site (where you can purchase your very own bottle of Chicken ‘N Waffles syrup for only $6.95) is really giving me the strength to pull through. All I need is a box of those ginormous Eggo Thick ‘N Fluffy waffles and I’m DONE.

Sigh. This post is totally the reason I don’t look like Miranda Kerr from the waist down, but that’s fine, lmao! Miranda’s somewhere power-walking throught the streets of New York in a Victoria Beckham dress… but I have the glory that is Chicken ‘N Waffles syrup. Or at least, I have the link to the site that sells it. Take THAT Miranda! No, kidding. I love her. And I love Chicken ‘N Waffles. Life is good, y’all.



  • Kelly

    i’ve never had chicken & waffles (growing up i thought it was just an urban legend) but this makes me really happy for some reason lol

    • Shannon

      Kelly, LMAO at ‘an urban legend’!!! That is hilarious :)

  • Jennifer Wilson

    oh my gross! i love love l.o.v.e chicken and waffles. LOVE. but methinks their is neither chicken nor waffles in this syrup. just corn. and sugar. don’t do it shannon!
    but- next time you are in portland ill buy you the best chicken and waffles in town. (at the screen door)

    • Shannon

      Jennifer Wilson– I believe you’re right. And it should be said that this probably taste NOTHING like it does in my head, lol.

      But YES to Portland chicken and waffles!!! Thanks for the invite :)

    • Jennifer Wilson

      come on up!!

  • swile71

    YUM to some chicken & waffles! Does this mean I can pour this on anything and it will taste like chicken & waffles? This ought to get Jared Leto back into fighting shape ;-)