Lindsay Lohan Busted! (November 2012 Edition)


Oh shizz. Before I even got a chance to watch Liz & Dick (yeah, it’s still on my DVR), Lindsay Lohan got herself arrested in a New York City nightclub. The actress, who is allegedly very distraught over heavy criticism of her performance as Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’Liz & Dick, is already facing jail time and in danger of getting her probation revoked for lying to cops about a car accident that took place back in June. Click inside to learn more about the brawl that went down last night, which landed LiLo back behind bars. She just got out, like, minutes ago. Madness. And yeah, that’s an old pic… which kinda makes this whole thing sadder.

TMZ has the report:

Lindsay Lohan was ARRESTED at 4 AM Thursday in New York City for allegedly punching a woman at a New York City nightclub … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say Lohan was at Club Avenue when she got into some sort of argument with a female patron and it became physical.  We’re told cops came and arrested Lindsay for allegedly assaulting her.

Law enforcement tells us prior to the fight words were exchanged between Lindsay and the woman as they sat in separate booths near each other.  Lindsay said something to the effect of, “Give me my space.”  Some time passed and then, for some reason, Lindsay allegedly punched the girl in the left side of her face.

We’re told by the time cops arrived Lindsay had left the club and was a passenger in a car that was leaving the area.  Cops intercepted the car and made the arrest.

At the time of this post Lindsay is still at the police station.

And this isn’t Lindsay’s only legal problem.  TMZ broke the story … she is about to be charged with lying to cops in June after her car accident on Pacific Coast Highway.  She told them she was a passenger in the Porsche when actually she was driving.

And, if Lindsay is formally charged with the latest crime, it could trigger yet another probation violation.

UPDATE 7AM ET: We’re told Lindsay is still at the police station getting booked for third degree misdemeanor assault, and she’s “visibly tired.”

MADNESS. And then again, not so much (sidenote; while writing this, LiLo was released):

Lindsay Lohan Leaves The Police Precinct After Early Morning Arrest


I know none of y’all are particularly surprised by this news, as we’ve all seen this headline before. It sounds like those Liz & Dick reviews (on Twitter and everywhere else) really got to the actress. For whatever reason, this movie/moment was supposed to be Lindsay’s big comeback and things clearly did not pan out that way. And now, the downward spiral starts back up again (not that it ever really ended).

I know it’s been said before, but Lindsay really needs to go away! I don’t even mean that in a negative sense, I mean that in the Eat, Pray, Love type-a-way, lol. Like, seriously. Go away… for your own good. Get out of the clubs! And then get out of you! Just get out and get away (from family, from friends, from so-called friends, from the ‘lifestyle’) and get your life in order.

All that being said, she may, in fact be going away. But, like, to prison… what with all these probation violations. Madness/Sadness.

The drama continues…

UPDATE: Here is video of Lindsay Lohan being led away by police after her arrest:

You can clearly hear her cries of “are you kidding” at about the :34 mark. No, Lindsay, the cops are not kidding.

[Source] [Photo Credit: INF]

  • bleedingEars

    Totally agree. She needs to go away in a “Eat, Pray, Love” type of way. This young woman is flailing. Her train wreck parents have failed her. And I reckon she feels completely alone even when surrounded with “friends”. She needs to find herself in order to gain the strength needed to survive the brutality that is Hollywood. Then she needs to hire Britney Spears’ Dad to watch over her. Fact.

    • Shannon

      bleedingEars, ‘Then she needs to hire Britney Spears’ Dad to watch over her.’ LMAO! Ohhhh man… you’re not wrong.

    • Gillian

      OMG! Its ridiculously funny, AND crazily true.

      If it weren’t her Brit’s dad she would most likely be on a path eerily similar to Lindsay’s… Thankfully Brit had someone in her life who was willing to stand up and say “NO, you need help” and ensure that she got it. Now Brit is back :) she may not be the same as before, but you can definitely tell that she has learned from her past and has no desire to revert back to her “crazy” ways.

      Lindsay desperately needs someone to do the same for her. She clearly is incapable of making any smart/legal/sane decisions on her own.

  • Vicky

    Something tells me that one day we will wake up and the headlines will be that she’s dead. Sadly, It’s inevitable. Like Amy Winehouse, it just would not be surprising at all.

  • swile71

    Oh Lindsay. I keep hoping for a Robert Downey Jr. outcome but she just can’t get her shizz together. I agree that she needs to go away, get herself together and go from there.

  • The sad thing is that we keep “hoping” but neither Lindsay nor anyone around her is hoping for anything. They continue to thumb their nose at reality and keep enabling her. The girl needs to be severely punished if she’s ever going to learn her lesson. Not a week in jail, not a month in jail … something that will truly knock some sense into her head. Left to her own devices, she will end up killing herself and if the people around her let her continue on her path, they truly don’t care if she lives or dies.

    • swile71

      Preach it! That’s exactly what that girl needs.

  • Meghan

    How old is Lindsay these days? Everytime I see her she looks like she has aged another 10 years. Her lifestyle has definitely caught up with her.

  • Lulu

    I miss the cute pics of her playing board games on the beach with Sam.

    She definitely needs an escape. For years. seriously.

  • Jax

    She was at the Beaver concert last night, tweeting what a good time she was having. I was at MSG too, but in the theater for the Zelda Symphony concert. Sad how fast the night went from fun to worse. She just can’t fix her life. Very sad!

  • miguel

    Oh Lindsay…

  • Tania Quinn

    I have no faith in this girl anymore. Sadly, she is going to join the 27 club soon if she keeps this up. Lindsay needs to move to some unknown Midwestern town, figure her shit out, go to counseling everyday, and perhaps go back to school to get an education. I really don’t think she has the coping skills to survive in Hollywood, even if she disappears for a few years to find herself. Lindsay needs to find a different career path. She also needs to divorce her parents and enablers to have a fighting change in life. And that’s unfortunate because she can never have a normal relationship with her parents. I don’t even think she has one good person in her life to help her out. Sad!

    • Tania Quinn


  • emily

    Shannon, you are too much with the “November 2012 edition.” I snorted out loud.

    • Shannon

      emily, LMAO! I was sitting there for a minute like… wait… we’re not allowed to have repeat titles so how can I distinguish THIS arrest from the others???

      Glad you appreciated :)

    • Dana J

      it’s sad when she’s been arrested so much that there HAS to be a distinguishing title from other arrests

    • Shannon m.

      Hahah I was just coming to comment on that! Amazing.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    hells bells have you guys already written her obituary like im sure the new york times has?

    sad face.

    *also- when i first read that headline i thought it said she was arrested for a fight club. oh.

  • Laura Elena Fernandez

    I really feel bad for her. Not for getting arrested but for that mess of a life she lives. It’s hard for me to believe that a mentaly stable person could be THiS out of control. She’s hit rock bottom so many times, but now, in the words of Rachel Green, there’s rock bottom, fifty feet of crap, and then there’s her.