Comic Book Crazy


SO … I’ve been loving my new iPad lately and it’s mostly due to the way that magazines and comic books look on the nifty little device. With the new retina screen, the photographs and artwork are stunning. I’ve stopped reading magazines because once they pile up, I never have time to read thru them. I never carry print copies with me because, why? Now that I can read The New Yorker, The Atlantic, GQ, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, etc. on the iPad, I can always have access to them all on one device. Brilliant. But it was the discovery of how awesome digital comic books are that really solidified my love of the iPad. And as a result, I’m now the proud owner of a pretty massive collection of digital comics :D

I love comics but I have gotten way out of the habit of reading them for the same reason I stopped reading magazines, too much to read and they pile up. I’ve been collecting the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics (including all the spin-offs – Angel, Faith, Spike, Willow, etc.) but I’m so behind reading them, I figured I’d never get thru them (and they keep coming). Now that I’ve downloaded the digital versions (which were ALL on sale for 50% off on Cyber Monday), I can actually read them. I have been buying TONS of comics in the past few days … classics, new comics, fave characters, new characters. It’s just too damn easy to download them to your iPad. I may have gone a little bit overboard but they make me happy and that’s what I need right now. Not that I need to download any more titles … but if any of y’all have suggestions for must-read comics, please let me know :D

This afternoon, I’m hoping to grab lunch with Steph and Alek and tonight I need to pack for my weekend in Palm Springs. Something very unpleasant is going to go down here at home this weekend and I need to not be in town when it happens. Blah. I can’t really get into it because I need to not fall apart today so … NEEDLESS TO SAY, I have some stuff to take care of this weekend that I’m not really looking forward to. A weekend in the desert will, hopefully, do me good.

It’s raining today here in LA. At least the weather matches my disposition. Blah.

  • Lorraine Evans

    aw, enjoy your weekend in Palm Springs. Go to a spa and get a massage or something. keep your mind clear and keep the sad toxins out!

  • Erin

    Cat woman was always my favorite comic

  • kingshot

    I have just recently gotten into comics because of my ipad and I have to say my most favorites are Chew, The Walking Dead, Sweet Tooth, and Kick Ass all are incredible and must reads for sure! I hear Chew is going to be a new show on Showtime.

  • Christine

    Hang in there, Trent. Try and enjoy Palm Springs

  • Zanne

    Have you read “Fray,” a futuristic Buffy, by Joss Whedon of course? This has been out for a few years and is a stand-alone not a series but “American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang is funny and sweet and amazing. And for other sweet, low-drama graphic novels “Smile” and “Drama” by Raina Telgemeier are really good. Ooh, “Page by Paige” by Laura Lee Gulledge is really good too! Very artsy!

  • Irene

    Why not try “The Sandman” by neil gaiman? he also created one with marvel heroes in it: “Marvel 1602″. Go check it out :)