Watch: James Franco & A Cat-Headed Woman Star In R.E.M.’s Final Music Video Ever


Earlier this month we got to see the R.E.M. music video for the band’s single Blue which, as you may recall, featured a cameo by Lindsay Lohan and was directed by James Franco. Today we get to see the band’s absolutely final music video for their final single That Someone Is You. As you may know, R.E.M. announced that they broke up in September of 2011 but this year released a compilation album that allowed the band to release their final singles. As you can see above, Franco stars in this final R.E.M. music video which is Grease-themed … and also stars a woman with a cat head. Yep. Well, if you’re gonna go out as a band, why not go out with a bang. Check out and enjoy the last R.E.M. video ever.

  • Will

    I guess, originally, this is the video James made with Anne Hathaway when they hosted the Oscars together.
    This is the “Grease” interlude video which wasn’t aired at the Oscars.
    The “Cat-head woman” is Hathaway.
    The reason for this, I guess, it’s because she played the Cat-woman in Batman.

    • @Will — O.M.G. I mean … in context, I think I like it now. LOL!!!

  • Carlos

    Isn’t the Grease part a clip that Anne Hathaway and Franco filmed when they hosted the Oscars?

    • @Carlos — Apparently …


    Dear Satan,
    Please take back James Franco and I’ll promise to visit more.
    Thank you.

  • rachel

    it was impossible to hear the song. i just kept staring at the bobble-cat. and james franko emoting.