Mariah Carey Brings Xmas Cheer To Rockefeller Center In NYC


Mariah Carey and others were on hand in NYC last night to film live performances that will be broadcast on NBC tonight for the Xmas Tree lighting in Rockefeller Center. As you can see below, Mimi BUSTED out her very festive best outfits for the occasion. We will all get to see MC in action on the TV special later tonight but you can get a sneak peek of what’s to come by checking out the photos below.

New York City will be happily spreading holiday cheer tonight (Nov. 28) during the annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center, and a list of singers will be getting in the spirit, too. Trace Adkins, Mariah Carey, Cee Lo Green, Victoria Justice, Scotty McCreery, “The Voice”s Chris Mann, Rod Stewart, and Il Volo’s performances will be televised on NBC from 7 PM to 9 PM ET. There will also be special appearances by Billy Crystal and Bette Milder. Carey has been gearing up for the celebration by promoting her holiday single, “Christmas Time Is in the Air Again,” which is from her 2010 album, Merry Christmas II You and available on iTunes … According to a NBC press release, the tree is 80 ft. tall and estimated to be 80 years old. 30,000 lights (five miles of wire!) will light up the Norway Spruce.

Ho Ho Ho, indeed. Even tho Mariah may have overdone it a bit with her red outfit, she deffo looks fantastic. As Xmas draws near, it’s time once again for us all to fall in love with Mimi’s amazing Xmas single All I Want for Christmas Is You. I know that Mimi is pimping a new Xmas song this year but I’m still stuck on her now classic number. I don’t usually like watching these cheesy holiday specials but for Mariah, in this outfit, I might just tune in.

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Ashley

    It’s actually today Trent not the 29th. It airs right before the SNL Christmas special. Oh and “Christmas in the air” is also the theme for Vh1 save the music.

    • @Ashley — OH, the source article is wrong then. I’ll amend, thanks!!

  • nicole

    its not Christmas until you Mimi steps out to spread the Christmas cheer. im now officially ready to get into the Christmas spirit

  • Kim Sneed

    I love myself some Mimi, especially at Christmas. She always reminds me of the Holiday Barbies I used to get every year for Christmas even though I hated dolls. I think Barbie the only other woman that can carry off that much cleavage and rhinestones at the same time.

  • Emily

    Holy Toledo! Her boobs should have their own special!

  • Daniel

    Ugh, the ensembles are tragic, but voice is in top shape. She has needed a new stylist for at least 12 years.

  • swile71

    The voice is kickin but that girl isn’t happy until she is sewn into every outfit.

  • Kim

    I work at an assisted living and I happened to go into a male resident’s room when this started. So I am getting him some water and hear Mariah start to sing and am like, “Oh Mariah Carey!”

    ,,,,And then look at the screen and think, “OH Mariah!!”