Hustle Roses SLAYS LA With Her First Solo Concert


Last night I made my way to Central SAPC in Santa Monica, CA to see my girl Hustle Roses perform her first solo concert ever! As you may recall, I was able to preview last night’s show when I went to her rehearsal last Saturday night and at that time, I knew she was ready for her show. What I saw last night just blew me AWAY! I was impressed during rehearsals, I was absolutely wowed during last night’s live performance. I snapped some photos and shot some video, which you can check out below.

First, I have to say how proud I am of Hustle Roses’s show last night. I nearly wept with glee. She sounded amazing, she looked amazing and she managed to pack the house with eager fans. I really tried to just enjoy the show but I couldn’t stop taking photos … I just had the best time. It looks like she was wearing a light up dress but it was actually a lovely bright white dress that lit up under the black lighting. Here is video of Hustle Roses performing her closing number Supernova:

This is one of my fave songs so it was VERY difficult to keep from jumping all around the room. I wanted to shoot video of one of her song performances so that those of you who couldn’t be at the show can experience how much fun she is live. I know that everyone in attendance last night loved the show entirely and we are all DYING for her next show. Hopefully, I’ll be able to announce her next concert soon :)

After such a fun night last night, today’s plan is much less exciting. I have heaps of laundry to do and then I have to go for a long run either today or tomorrow. Yay me! With my trip to Hawai’i coming up next week and my first full marathon run on the agenda, I have to get into serious running mode again. Let’s go!