First Look: Britney Spears & Release A Music Video For ‘Scream & Shout’


OMG! The music video for Scream & Shout by our dear Britney Spears and has been released and WE HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT WORTHY! I LITERALLY WANT TO SCREAM AND SHOUT AND LET IT ALL OUT … but I won’t do that. I’ll just leave this music video right here for YOUR (repeated) viewing pleasure. PLEASE ENJOY!!!




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  1. Britney'sBitch

    I just love how much you stan for my Queen!

  2. cupcakes in my pocket

    i love her so much!!!

  3. holy product placement batman. i mean, i know it pays for videos..but really, just too much.

    i hate the video. its pretty crappy for such a catchy song (that i still dont like – the best part is that whole ‘rockin with will.i,am & britney bitch’ line). like the random floating disco balls that Britney holds up,the video is just too all over the place.

    Britney is the saving grace though (minus all the arm dancing..i just cant). the girl looks GOOOOOD in that all black outfit.

  4. Lulu

    Not enough Brit…

    • @Lulu — I agree but I’ll take it :D

    • emily

      I was left feeling very meh about this whole thing, and I know there are hella Britney fans on here so when you wrote, “not enough Brit” I read it as “Not enough, Brit.” Like, “you can do better next time, Brit.” I was so surprised Trent agreed! Then I realized you meant Britney wasn’t in the video enough. Oh. I’m not a Britney fan (she seems nice, but I can’t stand her voice) so I’m going to leave this post to the Britney fans out there, b/c I’m sure they’re going crazy.

  5. BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN. I love everything about Britney in this. She is slaying the camera with those eyes, and that body, and those arms!!!

  6. Tina

    Mind blown!!!!!! Perfection!

  7. Perfect club tune for New Years!

  8. What’s up with that British accent, Britney? Nice eyes tho.

  9. Britney’s the best part of this video..Hands down! Definitely some cheeseball moments, but for the most part, pretty sweet! Britney looks effing HAWT!! I had a little dance party with my 2-year-old niece and nephew to this song today..They kept asking for the oh wee oh wee oh wee oh song..They’re going to crap their pants over this video..Literally since..You know..They’re little ones and not totally potty trained yet..

  10. Megan

    Will.I.Am released a catchy song. I enjoyed Britney on the back up

  11. Kathy

    can’t. stop. watching!!! it’s so good!

  12. Kathy

    ps trent your priceless reaction to the vid made my night! lol

  13. Courtney

    LOVES IT!!!

  14. Tonney

    Queen Godney does it again, I wasn’t sure I liked the song but this video made me LOVE it. How epic is it when she says “Britney, Bitch!”? She’s just WERKENETTTT. Gawd I’m beyond slayed tbh.

  15. OKAY !! I LOVE THE VIDEO !! BUT….she looks like a deer in the headlights… that’s all i’m saying but the she’s amazing as alway!!

  16. Am I the only one who wants Burger King after seeing’s “crown”?

  17. Baybridget

    My only complaint is that Justin Bieber’s pants have a cameo in this video.

  18. paige

    I thought it was stupid, she does not do anything!

  19. jj

    i dont get the people always telling about britney’s arm movement… britney been doing that since ‘oopss i did it again’ video

  20. Becca

    Dude – that’s just so wahay out of line… :/

  21. Alys

    I’m watching a crappy ad for Black Monday that somehow roped Britney into it. This isn’t a music video, it’s a music backdrop for product placements gone out of control.

    I wish they just let her dance.

  22. i mean it’s not the greatest video but 1. who watches music videos that much anymore? the important thing is that it’s a great, catchy tune and 2. britney looks amazing x 100! that’s really all that matters :)

  23. krib

    Britney looks hot, although I could do without the figure skater getup she has on for part of the video.

  24. loretta

    I love this video. Just need to be shouted a little louder!

  25. muchacha

    I’m gonna add my 2 cents – I love this song, and the video is super trippy which is great. has some great concepts. But… as much as I think Brit looks great and fierce, I miss Britney dancing! This would have been the perfect song…

  26. LiQue

    ALL I see is Will.I.Am’s Madonna thsirt!!!!!

  27. Devonte

    Those camera’s are iPhone attachments that is attached too.,19411.html

  28. The song is weak, it’s ridiculously overproduced and Brit’s fake accent and thin vocals lend little to bolster this ‘dud’ from the depths of b-side mediocrity.


  29. Lauren xx

    OMG HER HAIR SO SO SO FAB. Like, she’s back to the pre-shaven head breakdown glory days FABULOUS. You set the bar for yourself, Brit, no more awful extensions!!

  30. Megan

    This song is HORRIBLE!! Gotta admit, Britney is fierce as hell though!

  31. I cant wait til this song is remixed with Gangnam Style. Fingers crossed…

  32. [video-embed url="http%3A//"]

    Or this song…

  33. Bethany

    The song is almost good – would be better without’s involvement. >_> Here’s the problem with it. I don’t see how the song isn’t a copy of Scissor Sister’s “Let’s Have a Kiki”. When I first heard the song, I thought something sounded familiar about it, but it wasn’t until last night’s Glee that it clicked in. (Don’t judge me.) Both songs are good, I just prefer the Scissor Sisters song because it doesn’t get half its lyrics from another song….seriously can I complain a bit longer about the Black Eyed Peas lack of original music? =P

  34. Alyssa

    Pleasantly surprised with this song – LOVE IT. Brilliant song to dance to or work out to – Britney reigns again.

  35. Sam

    I think it’s safe to assume that Britney could post a video of her pooping and Trent would call it the best thing since sliced bread!

  36. Look at all of the Givenchy!!!!!

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