Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Take Up The Role Of Batman In Future DC Comics Movies?


Those of you who are familiar with Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy of films know that the final film, The Dark Knight Rises, ended with a final scene that leaves open the possibility that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will take up the role of Batman in future films. According to a new report from /Film, we may see JGL in the role of Batman sooner than we think. It is being reported that JGL might appear in the forthcoming superhero film Superman: Man of Steel (due out next Summer) … but we don’t know yet for sure in which capacity he’ll appear (if at all). JGL is also rumored to be included in the much-anticipated Justice League movie as well … which makes it sound like he will appear in those films as the new Batman. HMMM.

Christian Bale may have completed his arc as Batman with The Dark Knight Rises, but the ending of the trilogy left the door open for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take over as the Caped Crusader. Now, it looks like that’s exactly what’s about to happen. A new report indicates that Gordon-Levitt will “absolutely” appear in the planned Justice League as the new Batman — and in fact, may even appear as the character as early as next year’s Man of Steel. The info comes from HitFix’s Drew McWeeny, who got word from inside sources. The site’s generally pretty reliable with scoops, but as Warner Bros. has not verified the casting at this time, we’ll caution you to take it with a grain of salt. Apparently, Gordon-Levitt’s casting came about when speculation about his TDKR character John Blake and the future of the Batman franchise led to conversation, which then led to a more solid plan. The news doesn’t come entirely as a shock, since TDKR set up Gordon-Levitt/Blake as the successor to Bale and Bruce Wayne. But with so few confirmed details about Justice League at this point, it’s still interesting to get an inkling of where WB wants to go with it. Perhaps the larger surprise is how soon we may get to see Gordon-Levitt don the Bat-suit. McWeeny reports that Gordon-Levitt could play the character well before 2015′s Justice League, perhaps even in Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel next summer. Mind you, a Man of Steel cameo isn’t actually confirmed, but signs point to something happening before 2015. According to McWeeney, deals are being made with Gordon-Levitt and possibly one of his TDKR co-stars, despite the fact that shooting on Justice League won’t start for a while yet. Not to mention, it’d make sense if WB’s picked up any tips from watching the way Marvel set up their cinematic universe in the run-up to The Avengers.

This is all VERY interesting. My initial feeling about this rumor is that it makes so much sense. JGL’s character was clearly set up to take up the reigns as the new Batman at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. There are more Batman films to come so it seems very possible that the final scene in TDKR is meant to foreshadow those new films. I think it might be a bit much to expect to see JGL as Batman in Man of Steel next Summer but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we do see JGL in the film in some capacity (perhaps as a early, unrefined version of Batman 2.0) in order to send fanboys into a frenzy. DC Comics has a formidable foe in Marvel’s The Avengers film franchise … they need to do MUCH to make up ground. I think many people would be very happy to see JGL as the new Batman … tho, they might have to get him fitted for stilts or something. In any event, I am loving all this rumored new Batman talk. Let’s just hope it all pans out into something very cool. What do y’all think? Do YOU want to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the new Batman?


  • Britney’sBitch

    I’d prefer it if he was to be Robin. He has that boy-ish face that would be perfect for Robin :)

  • Ella


  • apriljan

    I’m all for it.

  • jen g

    I love Batman and I love JGL. Bring it on!

    Also, the guy behind the story getting out is named Drew McWeeny? I know it’s terribly childish, but I snickered. I can’t help it.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I would watch and enjoy every second.

  • woodroad34

    I’m thinking, as Trent pointed out, that JG-L would have to do some prosthetic thingy to make himself the 6′ 4″ Batman. I feel that given the actual story line in the books and his name in the movie…he might turn out to be Nightwing (although that won’t be ‘canon’ either, since Dick Grayson was Nightwing). JG-L is a little too old to be the actual Robin that Tim Drake was in the comics; and the movie already established that his nickname was “robin”.

  • ChadSF

    I’m really curious about this news as it develops. I have no doubt about JGL’s ability to be the new Batman. Big shoes to fill after the fantastic work of Christian Bale.

  • duckie

    Was i the only one who heard the lady call him Robin in the movie? He was set up to be Robin, not batman.

    • emily

      I thought he was set up for Robin too! They were pretty blatant about it, calling him Robin and all. I love love lurve me some JGL, but I don’t see him physically in the role … he’s a little small and has too cute of a face, it’s boyish. (Sexy boyish, but still boyish.) I thought he would be the perfect Robin. Either way, he is ridiculously talented so I have not doubt her can pull off whatever role they choose.

  • fab4runner

    I would love JGL as Batman but I am also sad that Christian Bale is done with the role. I would like to see both of them together again.

  • overit

    that’s totally what i thought! Robin!