Movie Review: ‘Hitchcock’


Last night my friends Steph and Alek invited me to join them at the movies and we decided to see Hitchcock. I’ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen of the film thus far so I was very much interested in seeing the film. I am very happy to share that I enjoyed the film very much. Not only is the story of how Alfred Hitchcock made Psycho really engrossing but I was very impressed with all of the acting performances as well. Long story short, I loved the film … quite a bit, actually.

It’s a given that both Anthony Hopkins (Alfred Hitchcock) and Helen Mirren (Alma Hitchcock) deliver absolutely stunning performances but I was very much surprised how well Scarlett Johasson did as well. I was a bit concerned at first but truly, ScarJo does an excellent job playing Janet Leigh. Jessica Biel doesn’t have a large role as Vera Miles but even she does a pretty good job with her role. I was really impressed with the way the whole film is structured. The intimate relationship between Hitchcock and his wife is fascinating but I was really taken with the convention of where Hitchcock found his inspiration for Psycho. The scenes with the phantom serial killer Ed Gein are really fantastic. You’re going to have to watch the film to see what I mean but, trust me, the movie is well worth your time. I knew I was going to like the film but I didn’t expect to love it so much. See Hitchcock now before all those other big films open in theaters. This is a movie you’re not going to want to miss.

Tonight, I’ll be making my way out to Centra SPAC to see my girl Hustle Roses LIVE in concert for her first solo concert:

The show is free and Hustle Roses goes on promptly at 8pm. If you’re in the LA area, come out and see her. I promise it’ll be a really fun show. I can’t wait!!! Happy Tuesday!!

  • chadSF

    I enjoyed this film very much. I expected it to be dark since I always felt that Alfred Hitchcock was sort of a dark, mysterious man. But to my own surprise, it wasn’t like that at all.

    The onscreen chemistry of both Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren was absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended.

    • @chadSF — YES!!!