Miley Cyrus Steps Out With A New Puppy


On Sunday we learned that PETA gifted Miley Cyrus with a pig for her 20th birthday. But despite that particular gift, Miley was spotted out and about yesterday with a new puppy … which, presumably, she also received for her birthday. Miley took the little pooch to Spot! to pick up some pet things and looked totally and completely in love. Click below to see cute photos of Miley and her adorable new pet pooch.

Was Miley Cyrus’s new puppy a birthday gift? The pop star, who just turned 20, was spotted out buying treats for her new friend just days after her birthday bash. Miley, her 12-year-old sister Noah and her mother were at Spot! Pet Boutique in Los Angeles on Monday and she couldn’t stop cuddling her furry new bundle. Even though the Hanna Montana was all gooey over the puppy she still managed to look like the former child star gone wild that she is. Miley certainly appeared to be attempting to hide her recently chopped platinum hair, wearing a black beanie hat, and teamed it with a black miniskirt and bright red festive jumper. Her tights were of course ripped and she also wore a pair of leopard print high top trainers.

Awww … that dog is cute. And, I mean, it’s nice that Miley was so “excited” about that PETA pig but no, she is not thinking about that pig with this pup in her life now. Miley has a new dog, Britney Spears has a new dog … clearly, the Hollywood It Girls are ready to start making tiny dogs a trend again. Can the oversized sunglasses be far behind? Hi, 2006!!

[Photo credit: Fame; Source]

  • Ama

    How many dogs does she have now? Five?

    I would never be able to provide the correct care(exercise mainly-training also) for that many dogs. Two is highest amount I could handle-but then I like high energy breeds too so…XD

    The pup is cute.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I think the puppy is actually her little sister, Noah’s. No matter what though that is one cute pup!!! I wanna cuddle it!!