Jared Leto Shows Off His Missing Eyebrows


Once upon a time I blogged that there is no look that Jared Leto can’t make hot. Long hair, shaved head, dressed up, dressed down … Jared has always been able to make every look work. That is … until now. For his new role as a drag queen, Jared had to wax off his eyebrows and, well, he finally found a look that IMHO he isn’t able to make look good. Yeah.

Jared Leto was forced to wax his eyebrows off for his new film The Dallas Buyers Club, in which he plays a HIV-positive transvestite.
And while the bare-faced appearance is suitable for his on-screen alter ego, it is quite a hard look to pull off on the red-carpet. However, the 40-year-old actor and 30 Seconds To Mars front man proudly attended the 22nd Annual Gotham Awards in New York City on Monday night, despite his missing facial hair. The handsome star went for a suave yet edgy style in a pair of black trousers, a long black wool overcoat a pair of combat boots. He pulled his hair back, drawing attention to his missing brows and wore his spectacles. Jared had plenty to celebrate on the night as he won an award for his documentary film Artifact. ‘I feel like Beasts of the Southern Wild should be up here,’ he said as he took to the stage to accept the award. The star was taking time out from filming The Dallas Buyers Club in Louisiana, alongside co-stars McConaughey and Jennifer Garner. Jared has been completely transformed to dress as a woman for his role.

Actually, Jared has been eyebrowless for a while now, a couple of weeks ago he shared a photo of his waxed eyebrows after they had been ripped off his face:


Yikes. Well, sometimes artists have to suffer for their art so … it’s all par for the course, I guess. Still, I’m very much looking forward to the return of Jared’s eyebrows ;)


  • patchyskies81

    oh gurl….

  • schmee

    Sadly this is the level of weird that James Franco aspires to be.

  • Charles Reagan

    Deja Vu! I was just watching season one of SATC on E! and Jared Leto was totally on it! I think he played Miranda? That red head lawyer? Anyway…I’m all for it. If Miranda didn’t need eyebrows to be Carrie Bradshaw’s bestie then who says anyone needs em? RIGHT?!

  • swile71

    Glad that look is for a movie. NOT a good look!

  • Shannon

    ‘Jared Don’t Need No Eyebrows’ LMAO!!! I love it.