Twitter Reacts Strongly To The ‘Liz & Dick’ Premiere


Yesterday Trent got everyone geared up for the highly-anticipated premiere of the Lifetime TV made-for-TV movie Liz & Dick. Hopefully y’all took Trent’s advice and had hella popcorn and hella alcohol for Lindsay’s big night; based on the responses, I’m not sure that there’s any other way you could have watched. Now I haven’t seen it yet (something tells me I’ll get another chance soon) but that doesn’t mean Twitter wasn’t calling me, lol! I couldn’t wait to see what the Twit Critics (Twit Crits? No?) had to say about Lindsay Lohan’s return the small screen. Even Lady Gaga had something to say. Click inside for more!

OMG. I think this one is my fave:

LMAO. Love this:

@lizzwinstead was kind of on a roll:

And this was awesome:

I’ve exhausted myself y’all. That last one was just too much; like, I could feel Melanie’s disappointment in herself, and it was real. And now… I REALLY want to watch Liz & Dick! LMAO! What did you guys think/tweet about it? Also, I really, really miss Degrassi


  • fab4runner

    I miss Degrassi, too! :(

    Didn’t watch the movie. Probably never will.

  • Keegan Hawkeswood

    I taped it because I had better things to do, but eventually, I’ll open a bottle of wine and watch the whole damn thing. I’ll probably wait for a day when I need a good laugh.

  • val

    go Linds dont listen to this suckers

  • naomi black

    So I watched Liz & Dick… it didn’t suck as much as I thought it would… well the ending did!! But by Lifetime TV standards it was pretty good, which really isn’t saying much… not much at all!!! Didn’t Lifetime use to mean your career was in the toilet…. or is that different now!?! Anywho, I laughed at all the 4 times Lindsey decided to find her British accent, but she looked fabulous in a kid playing dress up kinda way… she still wasn’t Liz Taylor! She was more like Lindsey Taylor… Liz’s long lost little sister… fathered by Micheal Lohan!!! :0)