Justin Bieber Gets A Beat Down On ‘Family Guy’


Earlier today we saw video of Justin Bieber’s appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter last night but it turns out that he was a special guest star on a different TV show last night as well. JB made a cameo in animated form on Family Guy and, well, things didn’t work out too well for his animated self. As you can see in the screencaps and video below, The Biebs suffered a beat down at the hands of Peter Griffin after a small misunderstanding involving his wife Lois. Basically, if you want to see the cartoon version of Justin Bieber get beat up, you’re gonna wanna click below.

Here are the screencaps:

Here is the video:

Watch. Repeat. Enjoy.


  • patchyskies81

    Thank the gods!! Finally someone does justice for the public and beats up Justin Bieber for the little punk he is!! …animated-wise that is

  • swile71

    Freakin’ sweet!