Is Victoria Beckham Househunting In London?!


Last week we learned the sad news that David Beckham has decided to leave the LA Galaxy soccer club. Altho we do NOT yet know what Becks plans to do next (ie. if he will sign with another professional football club or if he will retire), we are hearing that there is a possibility that the Beckham family is planning to movie back to London. Boo. Again, this moving rumor is just that … a rumor … BUT, Victoria Beckham was spotted on what looked to be like a househunting trip in London over the weekend, lending credence to the chatter that the family is lookin’ to pack up and leave the US for the UK :(

They’ve spent the last eight years living overseas, and seemed to have settled their brood in Los Angeles following their Stateside move in 2007. But Victoria Beckham has fuelled rumours she is planning to return to the UK after she was spotted house-hunting in London last week. The 38-year-old fashion designer seemed to be on a mission as she checked out four luxury properties in the South-West London area, suggesting she and husband David Beckham are planning on relocating their brood back to England. Victoria’s search for a new home came just five days after David, 37, announced his departure from Los Angeles Galaxy to embark on one final football challenge. The Spice Girls singer looked like she certainly meant business as she was chauffeured around the capital in a silver Range Rover, wearing a black wool coat and dark shades in the hope of keeping her property mission under wraps. First on the list was a Grade II listed mansion in Richmond, which boasts seven bedrooms, a wine cellar and a gym, and is on the market for £18million, before the star headed down the road to view a £9million four-storey property, which features its own indoor swimming pool. Also on Victoria’s house hunt was a newly-refurbished four-storey £6million home on Clapham Common.
Boasting a high-tech interior and an elegant facade, a major draw to the stylish property would no doubt be the close proximity to the Wandsworth home of the Beckhams’ best pals, TV chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana. However, the mother-of-four’s favourite property was said to be a magnificent £10million beamed mansion in Richmond, which was rented by Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt during their stint in the capital last year. A source told The Sun newspaper: ‘She fell in love with it straight away. It was the most secluded out of all of them.’

Damnit. Damnit Damnit Damnit! I was afraid this was going to happen. Now, we don’t know for sure that Vicki B. was househunting but … yeah, that’s what it looks like. Sigh. I understand that one of the reasons Les Beckhams are thinking about moving back to London is so that their children can receive a proper British education. I guess that makes sense. They’ve been here in the US for a long time, I can understand the desire to move back home. But I don’t want them to move. Damnit. I guess I should calm down until we know for sure what is going on but … blah. This does not bode well, does it?

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  • Sarah

    In a recent interview David Beckham did hint to the possibility of moving but said that they would always have a home in LA to come back to.

  • kendra

    Nooooo!! I heard that there are rumors that my future husband might be joining QPR, so I can see them wanting to move back to England..But let’s hope they keep a summer home in LA so we get to see Mr. Beckham beach action!

  • MJ

    Well, maybe they want to make sure the kids don’t lose their British identity. I seem to recall a mention that they were developing American accents…?

  • emily

    I thought they already had a compound in London? Where they go home every Christmas?

  • Sergeja

    Paris Saint Germain is apparently very willing to give him a contract … LDN is close enough I guess.