Anne Hathaway Spotted Signing Autographs For Fans And Working The Hell Out Of That Pixie Cut


More and more, Anne Hathaway is becoming an absolute fave of mine. I so enjoyed reading those excerpts from her recent cover story in Vogue and I cannot wait to see her performance in Les Misérables. The newlywed was spotted at Narita International Airport in Japan where she stopped to sign autographs for some fans. Not everyone can rock a pixie cut (Ginnifer Goodwin and Michelle Williams have it down pat), but Anne Hathaway is working it here! And between her and Miranda Kerr, I am suffering from some serious shade envy. Peep the gallery for more and, if you missed it, def go watch the new Les Miz trailer!

Photo Credit: Splash News

  • kendra

    I don’t know what it is about her, but I just want to punch her in her annoying face..It’s a really odd reaction I have to her..She had some fun moments on SNL last time, but still very punchable..

    • @kendra — You know, I used to have an aversion to her as well. Somehow, she managed to charm me and win me over a bit. I hear her performance in Les Miz is stunning. Maybe she will win you over too?

    • kendra

      I’ve totally had moments where I liked her..And I don’t doubt her talent, though I have zero desire to see Les Miz to see it in action..I’ll just have to suffer this burden of being annoyed by her..I’m sure she won’t lose sleep over it.. ;)

    • Shannon

      kendra, LMAO! I think we all have this reaction to SOME celebrity or another. That is so hilarious… but she had me at ‘Rachel Getting Married’ so I heart her like cray.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    she IS working the hell out of the pixie cut.

  • nicole

    those sunglasses…noooo. not cute sister.

  • Ben@pr

    So talented and yet so down to Earth. She deserves all the success she’s having and then some more. She might be underrated by some people but those are the minority.