Amanda Bynes Joins Instagram


It’s been a minute since we’ve gotten an update about Amanda Bynes but … she’s back! As you may recall, we last heard about what Amanda got up to in the wee hours of the morning after election night but since then, nada. Over the weekend, Amanda created a personal Instagram profile so that she can share photos and comments with interested folks. As you can see below, Bynes is rockin’ a new look and as you can read below, she offers terribly insightful commentary to accompany her photographs. Check it out.

My phone got taken twice but I got it back & am waiting to get reverified. I love my fans! Xox Follow me on instagram I’m amandabynes4386 :) / What up doe? / Love my turban / Bout to get my nails done. :D What color should I get? I want to go long and pointy! / Losing weight is hard to do! I love jeans with sexy holes, mine are from Current Elliot :D / Ima need my morning coffee :D / It’s me! Haha! :D

Hmmm. I’m guessing Amanda’s comment What up doe? is meant to refer to the turban and dark lipstick she is wearing. My guess is that she is attempting a Chola look and is trying to sound like she’s “down” with her vernacular. The rest of her comments, yeah, this shizz is funny. To be honest, I’m entertained by this. For the past few months, we’ve been hearing about Amanda’s whacky behavior from other folks but now, we have the opportunity to get the whackiness straight from the horse’s mouth directly. Thus far, the stuff that Amanda has shared is pretty harmless so … stay tuned. Bring it on, Amanda! We’re waiting with breath that is bated.


  • ClaireMichelle

    Oh, you know I just went and followed her.

  • Brent

    Fresh from the gutta gutta it’s Amanda Manson.