Watch And LOL: Emma Clark, The Twihard, Says Her Final Goodbye To The ‘Twilight’ Saga


Y’all know I have a HUUUGE thing for this girl. Emma Clark officially became the [emotionally unstable] love of my life when news of the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders cheating scandal first broke and I was scouring the interwebs for fan/stan reactions. Emma Clark wept profusely– even furiously– and evoked a passion and pain I haven’t seen since ever. She’s now a YouTube sensation and, honestly? I’m PROUD of her! In this new video she’s all up in the Breaking Dawn-Part 2 premiere, rubbing shoulders with some of the actors… she’s friggen famous! And when you can parlay your obsession into, like, a real thing, that is just awesome. Peep the video for my favorite teary-eyed Twihard. She cries sooo much and she lit’rally says, at one point, “it [Twilight, duh] made me the person I want to be for the rest of my life and I’m TERRIFIED of not having that anymore.” LMAO! Call her crazy, but I feel EXACTLY the same way about my favorite movies– Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, City Of God, The Departed, Rust and Bone, lol. Hell, that sweet potato pie I had last night made me the person I want to be for the rest of my life… and I’m TERRIFIED of not having it anymore!

P.S. It’s kinda lengthy but totally worth every second. My personal fave part is when she’s in the elevator at the end (circa 9:27) and she’s about to go see the movie for the FIFTH time and she’s still crying! So yeah. Emma rules.

P.S.S. OMG, had to thrown one more video inside. Emma comes to the States for the premiere and LOSES it. LMAO…

Twihard Emma Takes LA:


  • bleedingEars

    She’ll forget all about it after the first time she has sex. Guaranteed.

    • Serenity

      We could start placing bets on whether she’ll forget or she’ll remark that it wasn’t as beautiful as it could have been with Edward.

    • @bleedingEars — LOL. So true.

  • LaurenL

    LOL an American pigeon!!!!

    • Shannon

      LaurenL, LMAO! That part and her shock over American syrup in restaurants FTW!

  • onlyme.

    Cant help but wonder if these sort of people actually have parents or not. time to see a shrink, me thinks.

  • Shannon

    you have to watch the one called “YOU CAN’T JUST CHANGE BREAKING DAWN” – seriously, it’s in all caps. She seriously goes from funny to lunatic. I love her at times but she does scare me and I question her sanity. LOL.

  • Shannon m.

    I just got around to watching that bottom video you posted and around the 2:15 mark she is looking at their hand and foot prints in cement and remarked that Rob’s is bigger than Taylor’s.. which “is obviously good for Kristen”. LMAO