‘There It Is, That Celebrity Death Match Clayish Face Again’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


It’s been quite a week in PITNB reader commentary and y’all have had me cracking up, scratching my head, and googling like cray… and for that, I thank you all :) It’s been a crazy week– I’m still trying to figure out exactly WTF happened at Halle Berry’s house on Thanksgiving, and that amazing Broken Anchor cover of Flagpole Sitta is still on repeat over here. Also, special thanks to everyone who shared their own personal pet story on that Fiona Apple post; nothing like a good, hard cry on a Wednesday morning… lol. No, but seriously. Don’t read that post unless you’re fully prepared to have an Emma-Clark-At-The-Twilight-Premiere moment. So yeah, it’s been a week full of laughter and tears. Click inside for some of my fave comments from the best readers on Earth!!!

PITNBR helen had some deep thoughts about Lindsay Lohan’s look at the Liz & Dick premiere… and she finally helped me put my finger on the issue I’d been having with LiLo’s plastic surgery choices:

There it is, that Celebrity Death Match clayish face again… Poor woman.

PITNBR xokimmy was very distraught upon learning that David Beckham would be leaving the LA Galaxy soccer team:

retiring?! but i want sweaty shirtless pics for the rest of my life! H&M photoshoots aren’t gonna do it for me :(

PITNBR johnny weighed in on Nicki Minaj’s confusing, lackluster performance at the American Music Awards:

At first I thought she lost her way … then I realized, she’s just stupid.

PITNBR kendra co-signed my inner thoughts when we learned that Kevin Clash had resigned as the voice of Elmo, following a second accusation of sexual abuse:

I get that this is a horrible story but…Trent’s Elmo voice bubble yelling “Not again, Kevin!” is cracking my shizz up!

PITNBR Caroline proved that the comments on Justin Bieber’s pants are just getting better with each new Jelena break-up-to-make-up story:

Are his hybrid pant/skirt actually quilted? Can it get any worse? (looks down and sees his shoes). Yes. Yes it can get worse.

PITNBR Megan was there to mourn with me over the Kimora Lee Simmons/Djimon Hounsou DUNZO news, which really threw me for an emotional loop… lol:

I am really sad about this too. He seemed to bring her down to earth, did you ever watch her reality show? She’s a little CrayCray! She seemed to back out of the limelight after they got with Djimon. Hopefully they’ll have an amicable split for the sake of their son and her daughters.

And shouts-out to PITNBRS Jennifer Wilson and emily, who were also there to console me :)

PITNBR Natalea officially became my bff when she joined me in my lurve for Marion Cotillard and reminded me of the greatest movie EVER! It took everything in me to not stop working and spend the next 12 minutes finding this movie online:

Haha, Shannon! “It’s time to pass a tiny folded-up love note to my crush via a blog post y’all.”

I’ve loved Marion ever since I saw “Love Me if You Dare” years ago and true love lasts a lifetime. She can do no wrong!

PITNBR Matthew seriously has some of the greatest comments. He’s got this very cool, very analytical approach to the stories and I love how he broke down the Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry/Olivier Martinez Thanksgiving madness:

While we don’t know what type of person Gabe is, we do know that he loves his little girl. We know that he has had to fight to get equal custody. We know he got that, so whatever type of person he is, our legal system seems to think he is an alright father.

We know they recently went to court again to determine if Halle could take her daughter and go live with her lover on another continent. The judge denied this, giving Gabe another victory.

Then fresh from his new victory, an angry Gabe storms into Halle’s peaceful home and attacks Halle’s lover in front of a terrified Halle and a vulnerable Nahla. Hmm. Something is fishy here. Unless Gabe is just plain bipolar.

Matthew also had me CRACKING UP over his comment about the new Beyoncé/Blue Ivy pics:

The baby thing is a bit ridic though. Can’t they just show us the face of the messiah already? lol.

PITNBR Devonte is sooo my dude for life! He, too, had some thoughts on the Beyoncé pics:

Gawd! It’s so hard…it’s like I wanna hate her sooooo much, don’t care, Beyonce Hater’s Club….but part of being in that club is loving her so much! GAWD! ITS SO HARD Y’ALL!!!! SO SO HARD!

PITNBR Sam did me a huuge favor when she weighed in on all of the insanity surrounding Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter’s new modeling pics for Guess. The comments were getting seriously intense and I was so confused because I never really followed her story and had no clue who Howard K. Stern was until this post, lol. But yeah, I was with Sam:

I do believe the comments have become quite a deal more interesting than the actual story *grabs popcorn*

PITNBR Tina was almost as excited as Trent (almost, lol) over hearing Britney Spears on the explicit version of Scream & Shout:

Only she could do a weird ass British accent and make it work. I love her. I agree with the “will.i.am notwithstanding” comment. *Patiently awaits youtube choreography to the song*

PITNBR bleedingEars was pretty on point about our favorite Twihard’s emotional firestorm of a reaction to the end of the Twilight saga:

She’ll forget all about it after the first time she has sex. Guaranteed.


Ahhh. Virginity jokes are sometimes, just the thing :)

Thanks to all of y’all for doing what you do best– keeping it reals and keeping us LOLing like cray. Can’t wait to see you here next week for another round-up, same time, same place!


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