The Editor Of An Irish Tabloid Resigns After Reprinting Those Topless Kate Middleton Photos


OMG… remember Kate Middleton’s topless photos? That was like, forever ago! But Closer Magazine’s pics of the Duchess of Cambridge sans top made for one of the biggest stories of the year. Closer was eventually fined and ordered to hand over the photos, but by then we’d all seen them and other tabloids had purchased the photos for publication as well. One publication, The Irish Daily Star, caught so much flack that the editor is now resigning. And all for the love of royal boobies. Tsk, tsk! Click inside for more.

E! has the story:

The editor of the Irish Daily Star has resigned after his decision to publish Kate Middleton’s topless photos led to his suspension and a possible shutdown of the tabloid.

Michael O’Kane, who was suspended in September for the incident, stepped down from his position following tensions with shareholders and a tabloid owner’s threats to shutter the publication, according to ABC News.

“As a result of the publication on 15 September 12, issues arose with the shareholders of Independent Star Limited,” the Irish Daily Star wrote in a statement to the BBC. “Having considered those issues in tandem with Mr. O’Kane, it is Mr. O’Kane’s decision to resign as editor of the Irish Daily Star.”

The Irish Daily Star republished the photographs in September after the snaps popped up in French gossip mag, Closer.

So, as you can see, the drama over these photos is still unfolding. A lot of you voiced strong opinions over the boundaries (or lack thereof) with paparazzi and the shamelessness of the media. Now that people are basically losing their jobs over the topless Kate Middleton pics, does it seem like justice is being served?

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  • Serenity

    I don’t know if I’d call it justice. It’s more like taunting a bear. Don’t be surprised when it bites your face off.

  • Megan

    Yes. Hopefully other publications will think of the consequences before publishing pictures taken from some super telescopic lens on private property