Soon-To-Be Retired Rapper Lil Wayne Says He’s Ready To Get Married


The other day rapper Lil Wayne announced his plans for retirement and a lot of us took this as good news. As a big fan of Weezy (especially Weezy circa 2006-2008) I think my one-time favorite rapper could use a break. And rapper ‘retirement’ announcements are usually ‘extended vacation’ announcements, so I’m gonna assume that he’ll come back to the game once he’s had his fill of skateboarding… or sports commentating… lol. But Lil Wayne apparently has other plans for his life, including some possible nuptials with his girlfriend Dhea. Click inside to learn more!

MTV News has the scoop:

Lil Wayne has always been family-oriented. Not only does the superstar rapper treat his labelmates like family, he is a proud father as well. Weezy may be looking to extend his fam even further, so does that mean the larger-than-life MC and rock-like sex symbol is ready to settle down sometime soon?

“Yup. Yeah, man, yup,” Wayne told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway following the world premiere of his new video for “No Worries” when asked if sees himself as a soon-to-be married man. “Happily married too.”

Weezy was so excited at the prospect of getting hitched that he drew a pretty funny analogy to one of his favorite sports. “I’ll probably run down the aisle,” he said in between his trademark giggle. “I’ll probably slide into the preacher like it was home plate.”

Whenever Tune does decide to get hitched, it won’t be his first walk down the aisle: He married high school sweetheart Toya several years ago. Though they are now divorced, the two share a close relationship that revolves around their daughter Reginae Carter, who (like her father) has a passion for making music.

Okay first of all. Let’s not call Lil Wayne ‘family oriented’ just because he has hella kids, lmao! I mean, I love Weezy as a rapper, but he’s got too many kids and too many babymammas for me to just assume he’s an awesome Dad. I know he sees all of his kids (at some point or another) and of course he financially supports them, but I’m pretty sure there’s more to being a good Dad than that.

And now he’s gonna marry Dhea?! This is bummer news for me because I love his FIRST wife La Toya and I’ve always been secretly wanting them to give it another go, lol. Now she’s remarried and he’s about to do the same; this just isn’t panning out as I’d hoped! Still, things are definitely serious with Dhea– she even kicks it with his daughter Reginae:

It’s also bummer news for me because I’m shamelessly (and shamefully) addicted to wayyy too many reality shows about rappers and their girls (Love & Hip-Hop, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, Chrissy & Jim, and now the awfulness that is Marrying The Game). So I’m hella disillusioned when it comes to these relationships working out. Still, if Weezy says he’s ready, then hopefully he is!

Do y’all think Weezy would make a good… um…. husband? Agh, it sounds so weird!

[Source] [Photo Credit: Splash News]