Everyday I’m Hustlin’


Yesterday afternoon I made my way back home to LA from Detroit and managed to make the trek without incident. I did get bumped from my first class upgrade because Selma Blair was on my flight and she purchased a second first class seat for her baby Arthur. Yes, I got cock blocked by a baby. As if he knew I was grousing about getting bumped, Selma let Arthur walk up and down the aisle and he stopped at my seat to say Hi to me. Selma seemed very proud that her son was getting to know everyone so, I guess I couldn’t be too mad ;) The flight was on time and I landed in a beautifully sunny and warm LA.

Last night, Ollie invited me to sit in on one of her rehearsal sessions for her upcoming first solo concert this Tuesday night. We grabbed some delicious Mexican food at Salsa & Beer in North Hollywood, CA and then she started her rehearsal session with her producer Jessie and her drummer Greg. It was an amazing treat to see one of the first Hustle Roses performances ever. The group got tighter and tighter with each run thru and I have every confidence that she is going to put on an amazing show Tuesday night :D

Today, I’m planning to meet up with Tamar for brunch and then tonight, I’m heading out to The Rockwell to see my friend Ben Rimalower’s off Broadway show Patti Issues. Ben and his show have been slaying audiences in NYC for the past few months and tonight, LA gets in on the action. I can’t wait!

I hope you are having a great Sunday, today looks like it’s going to be a great day :D

  • Shannon

    Trent, ‘cock blocked by a baby’!!! LMAO! OMG, only YOU would be cock-blocked by Selma Blair’s toddler. Oh, man…

  • Lexie

    I feel like your post should be signed xoxo gossip girl! Love the Selma Blair story! :)

  • kelly

    you sound better. is that weird? i feel like getting out of there helped maybe?