Watch: The New ‘Les Misérables’ Trailer Is Just As Awesome As The First


This is awkward. I may be forced to get a copy of one of the longest books in the world so that I can fully prepare myself for this adaptation. Les Misérables premiered in NYC on Friday and received a standing ovation; everyone is screaming (and tweeting) Oscar for Anne Hathaway’s performance of Fantine and for director Tom Hooper (who won the Academy Award for The King’s Speech back in 2011). None of this comes as a surprise to me– we’ve seen the first trailer, and the behind-the-scenes featurette, and when Anne covered Vogue she spoke about her deep connection to this role. I’m so glad that we have another trailer to watch and I cannot wait for this movie to drop on Christmas Day. Peep the video above!

Eddie Redmayne FTW!


  • Thomas

    I cannot wait for this movie. I LOVE Les misérables – both the musical and Victor Hugo’s novel. This movie is definitely going to live up to my expectations and I think is Oscar gold.

  • simcarter@chapter1-take1

    No worry if you’ve seen the musical, you needn’t read the book. Saw it today at a screening in Santa Monica. It’s breathtaking. Best Picture for sure!

  • Rowena

    Read the novel when I was 11, spent my time crying …
    I’ve never seen the musical, and don’t want to. For me, Les Miserables is not something you sing about.
    Maybe I will change my mind when I will see the movie, because I want to give it a chance.
    But for now, all it inspires me when I see this trailer is : meh.

    • Shannon

      Rowena, hmmm. That’s so interesting– I remember people saying the exact same thing when the musical for ‘The Color Purple’ came out and I felt similarly. I think I really HAVE to read the book.

      Wait… when you were ELEVEN?! That’s awesome :)

    • Rowena

      I was reading a lot at this time :) took me something like 2 weeks.
      I am french but I never liked french litterature…except this one. It is really moving, awefully painful.
      Honestly, I wouldn’t have the courage to read it again, but it should be read at least once trust me !

  • xokimmy

    late on watching the trailer but …i can’t wait i can’t wait i can’t wait. i seriously do not think i could pick out more perfect actors for all the parts. there is no way this won’t be fantastic!