Watch: Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Team Up ‘The Heat’


Look, I’m gonna be honest. This movie does not look all that funny. The Heat (which we first heard about back in May) looks like one of those movies that I will be sooo excited to see… when it comes on TBS and nothing else is really on, which is fine! But, based on this first trailer, I don’t think I’ll be racing to theatres when it comes out next year– although I do lurve Melissa McCarthy and the thought of her teaming up with Sandra Bullock is pretty cool. Anyway, the trailer is worth checking out, especially because of these cameo appearances from Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia), and Spoken Reasons (the guy from the YouTube hit Why You Asking All Them Questions). Anybody else into The Heat? Okay, that last bit about the spanks was pretty funny, lol…

The Heat hits theatres April 5, 2013.


  • Megan

    Haha, ok it definitely wasn’t the funniest trailer I’ve ever seen but it’s Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy!! Those are 2 of my favorite actresses, so I’ll definitely be going to see this in theaters. And c’mon, some of that was pretty funny!

  • Lauren xx

    Seriously, Sandra, what IS going to pop out of those Spanx??? Bahaha she don’t need em!

  • ChadSF

    Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. I’m there!