Taylor Swift Spotted In Tokyo, Japan

Another Day, Another Taylor Swift Dress I Want

The last time we checked out Taylor Swift she was rocking the ill Zuhair Murad dress at the American Music Awards. In that moment, I realized that Zuhair Murad is everything, but I also realized that I kind of love Taylor Swift‘s dresses, like, all the time. Anyway, she was spotted at the airport in Tokyo, Japan and again I was like why do I want another one of her dresses? This one is a simple, little maroon thing, but she looks so damn cute and really comfortable. I’m also loving the tights she has on with. Peep the gallery for more! And clearly, it’s time for a little trip to Asos-ville. This dress envy thing is getting out of control.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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  1. Ohh, Shannon… I always have dress envy of Taylor. She is always dressed so classy yet simple. I will probably be spending hours on Asos again. Thanks again for the tip!!

  2. Megan

    She does look really good. But this leads me to a question about tights or pantyhose (is there a difference?). I’m getting to the age where I have to dress businessy now and idk what the rule about pantyhose is!!! Apparently it went out of style, and the whole bare leg thing is in, but I have gross pale legs and I don’t like wearing shoes with those stupid small socks that don’t show because they’re annoying. I want to wear hose! But is that some sort of fashion faux pas? Is Taylor getting away with it because she’s rich and famous or because it’s winter time? I need help! lol

    • Megan, aghh! I’ve totally had this dilemma before so you’re not alone, lol! I actually love the idea of tights and/or pantyhose (I think pantyhose are the sheer ones) that have a little bit of a design or style to them, like Taylor’s. The bare leg thing is def in but if you need to classy it up a bit (and since the tiny socks are a no-no) then go for the hose! And yes, it helps that it’s winter time and that she’s famous but I honestly believe that just about any look can be pulled off (by normies like us) with a little sense of style and a lot of confidence. Hope this helps, LOL!

      Disclaimer: Shannon M. Houston is a writer/blogger/film critic and is sorta kinda into fashion but is by no means an expert. Please take any and all fashion advice from her with a grain of salt and follow at your own risk ;)

    • Tights are definitely instyle right now, especially since it is winter time and the patterned tights are the most in right now!

    • Megan

      Haha. Thank you guys!!

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