Halle Berry’s Ex, Gabriel Aubry, Is Battered And Bruised As He Leaves Jail


Yesterday we had some not-so-fun celebrity Thanksgiving recapping to do. Halle Berry’s household was all in a shambles when her ex-boyfriend/babydaddy Gabriel Aubry showed up to drop off their daughter Nahla. Allegedly, Halle’s fiancé Olivier Martinez approached him as he was leaving, and a horrible holiday beatdown ensued. Both men were taken to the hospital, but only Gabriel was arrested for the fight. Gabriel got out of jail last night and there are now pictures online of his… um… facial situation. It’s not good y’all. And yeah, that main picture we have is def a BEFORE photo. Click inside to learn more.

Okay, so you can go here to see more disturbing pictures of Gabriel’s face, post-brawl with Olivier. TMZ has the report:

It’s pretty clear who got the worst of the brutal Thanksgiving Day fight outside Halle Berry’s house — Gabriel Aubry is a swollen, bruised mess after Halle’s fiance Olivier Martinez rocked him in the face.

Gabriel was photographed Friday in L.A., a day after his violent showdown with Olivier put him in the hospital with a broken rib and serious face contusions — including one NASTY swollen shiner.

Olivier clearly got the better of the fight, but still screwed up his hand and his neck.

TMZ broke the story … Gabriel was arrested for battery after allegedly attacking Olivier at Halle’s house.

After Gabriel allegedly pushed and struck Olivier in the shoulder, Halle’s fiance cold-cocked her baby daddy in the face. There are conflicting accounts as to whether Gabriel was rendered unconscious.

As we reported, a judge issued an emergency protective order against Gabriel, requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.

Right now PITNBRS are debating about whether or not it sounds like Gabriel or Olivier (or Halle) was in the wrong here. Let me just get judgy for one second and say… that THIS story (and many others like it) is EXACTLY why I recommend having ONE babydaddy and keeping him FAAAAR away from any other possible babydaddies… or boyfriends… or fiancés. PITNBR nicole mentioned that Olivier shouldn’t really be getting involved in any Halle/Gabriel/Nahla-related discussions and that’s kinda how I feel. I know that when you move on with another person you want to involve them in every aspect of your life but when there’s a child involved I do think it’s different. Halle may want Gabriel and Olivier to communicate but I don’t see why that’s a necessity at all. However, I’m also weird… like I cringe a little when I see pictures of Olivier carrying Nahla around. LMAO. Mainly because I’m just like, Ohhh that sucks for Gabriel. And I think of how I would feel if I ever saw another woman carrying my kids around all lovingly and crap…. like OMG. I would cut something. LOL. So I get it. It’s hard. And I just think it’s easier for people with young children to try to move on in a way that doesn’t mean bringing a whole other person into the family.

BUT, that’s just me! And Halle has chosen to bring a whole other person into the family and she now has to have a relationship with two men (another reason having a babydaddy and a new boo is tricky)– and so does Nahla. I don’t think we have a lot of the details of the fight so it’s difficult to say who’s in the wrong (really, ALL of the adults are) but I hope everything works out for Nahla’s benefit. As PITNBR Ella pointed out, regardless of who started the fight or whatever, Nahla is really the main person who will be affected by this. All the other parties involved are adults and have had the opportunity to live their lives; Nahla is four and–like most people– probably just wants things to be cool between her parents. And, I’m assuming, she probably wants to hang out with both of them. Here’s hoping it all works out in her favor… and here’s hoping the adults involved can remember that she is more important than their egos and their resentments, and that she’s more important than anything that they might want to do. She’s new here! Give her a chance!

No, but seriously. Olivier really messed up that pretty face on Gabriel. It’s a damn shame…

[Source] [Photo Credit: Splash News, Wenn]

  • Megan

    Dang. If they were so sure that Gabriel started the fight that they arrested him and put a protective order against him, then I would say this is a great example of the advice my grandma gave me. Never start a fight that you’re not sure you can win! lol. Ouch.

  • kendra

    I just can’t help but feel for Gabriel in this situation..The whole thing sounds fishy..Why risk the case you just won by jumping on your ex’s man supposedly without being provoked? I feel like Olivier said much more than what’s being reported and instigated it..But maybe I’m just upset over what’s happened to Gabriel’s gorgeous face and not thinking clearly..

  • Whitney75

    Does anyone wonder if maybe since Halle lost her case, that she wanted to provoke Gabriel into this and then point out her case to the judge that he is unfit and that they need to move to Paris?? I mean now her case would seem reasonable and the judge did order him to stay away?? Seems awfully suspicious to me anyone else?

    • kendra

      That’s what I’m saying..Seems really convenient for Halle..Now there’s an order in place keeping Gabriel away from Nahla, which is even more fuel for her to use so she can move..Or..Crap..Maybe Gabriel is a total hothead and lost it..We’ll never know the whole story..

    • Whitney75

      I agree with what your saying but I think he loves his daughter so much he lost it. I mean she knows that and that is why they did what they did to him. My first thought is if he was so dangerous why did she have a kid with him in the first place? She never did with any other men that treated her badly. When you threaten to take someone’s daughter away from them, they are going to get pissed and the devil will come out of anyone.

  • Leah

    I agree with the other commenters… the timing of this is too convenient for Halle… very suspicious to me.

  • tru

    Seriously how was Gabriel arrested and Olivier not? The evidence tells the story. Maybe because Halle is a Oscar winning liar and thats what she does for a living.

  • invisble

    he assaulted the other nanny and got away with it not this time he aint got to atatck a famous white actor and get away with it no

  • Alys

    Assault is cool for no one, whether a star or a guy in the street. I don’t blame Gabriel for having strong feelings about Olivier, since he’s the driving force for separating Gabriel from Nahla. Halle is so hot to trot for her new man that she happily dumped the old and fought to remove any parenting rights of her daughter’s father. The timing on this is just too suspicious for my liking. Gabriel may be a hothead and that doesn’t excuse his behaviour, but tell me something doesn’t stink like two week-old sushi here.

  • Dach

    This entire situation is sad. All parties involved are behaving like children. Nahla is the only who will hurt the most in this situaton. I dealt with this with my parents as a child. Lasting affects for sure…. As for the day this happened, I feel it is quite questionable. As for both men. Olivier is not the parent in this situation and should have kept his thoughts to himself. Gabriel should have just shook his head and went on about his business. Who cares what Oliver said. He is already known for being a hot head and that is why he was court ordered to take anger management classes. *smh*