Finally! Beyoncé Shares New Photos Of Blue Ivy On Her Tumblr


We all know that Beyoncé and her husbdand Jay-Z are über-private when it comes to their personal lives;  and this is especially the case when it comes to their firstborn bundle of joy, Blue Ivy. And you know… I get it! I totally get it. We don’t need to see a million pics of Baby Blue in OK magazine, and it would be weird if Jay took to Twitter every other week to post a pic of her in a new onesie, but damn! There’s no reason for me to get this excited when I see the words ‘new Blue Ivy pic’ on the Huffington post, lol. But I did, and maybe you got excited too. If so, click inside for more!

More pics of Blue Ivy being all incognito:

Okay, you see what I mean about wanting a full-on face shot? LOL. I mean, yes. This is all cute and– simultaneously– respectful of the Carters’s privacy (like that other photo she shared of Blue a while back)… but I would seriously appreciate a better look at those cheeks. They gotta be amazing… Sigh.

But, that’s all we get for now. Oh, and Beyoncé‘s been posting a lot of fun fashion photos on her Tumblr and Instagram too. Blue Ivy’s not in any of them, but they’re still worth checking out (I guess… lol):

This one’s less fashion-y, but it’s important that we know she still has awesome cleavage. Unless this is an old pic, in which case it’s important that we remember her awesome cleavage:


  • Dezden

    My goodness… she’s flawless.

  • Matthew

    The baby thing is a bit ridic though. Can’t they just show us the face of the messiah already? lol.

    • Shannon

      Matthew, LMAO! OMG– Exactly! I think that’s exactly why it’s annoying. Like, seriously? Will we die if we look directly into the eyes of the one they call Blue Ivy?! We probably will, but they should let us find out for ourselves… lmao. Thank you Matthew. You nailed it.

  • Samantha

    It takes me back to TomKat and all of the awful things that people were saying about Suri. I wish people weren’t so cruel.

    • Shannon

      Samantha, ahhhhh! Nononononono, I hope you don’t really think I was being cruel towards baby Blue! I’m only poking fun at the way Beyonce chooses to share these pictures– and I’m really just thirsty to see that beautiful face again (and the cheeks– as I mention in the post). I am SO not about poking fun at anyone’s children, but I thought Matthew was right to point out the very particular way that Beyonce lets us ‘see’ Blue Ivy.

    • Samantha

      OH no! I wasn’t thinking that. I was referring to other comments (not on this site) about the baby. oops my bad

  • Devonte

    Gawd! It’s so hard…it’s like I wanna hate her sooooo much, don’t care, Beyonce Hater’s Club….but part of being in that club is loving her so much! GAWD! ITS SO HARD Y’ALL!!!! SO SO HARD!

  • LaurenL

    The media is very harsh on children these days, I feel it’s smart for them to keep it private.