Paris Hilton Opens A Store In Mecca, Angers Countless Saudi Arabians


For centuries, the faithful have been flocking to the holy site of Mecca to satisfy their spiritual and religious needs. Now those same people can flock to Mecca, not only for spiritual needs but for commercial needs as well. The Mecca Mall has been erected very near the holy site and offers pilgrims shopping options that were never before made available to them … including an entire store of Paris Hilton products. But, not everyone is happy with the opening of Mecca Mall, particularly because it contains the Paris Hilton Handbags & Accessories store. Angry Saudi Arabians are pissed beyond belief that a vapid socialite who got famous by way of a sex tape is now shilling her wares in the close proximity of one of the holiest places in the world.

Socialite, designer and former reality TV star Paris Hilton has spurred howls of outrage in Saudi Arabia by opening a handbag store in the holy city of Mecca. Her boutique in the Mecca Mall has angered scores of faithful Muslims who don’t want anything to do with the blond hotel heiress, who first gained notoriety in 2003 with a homemade sex tape that went viral. Some Saudis have flocked to Twitter to vent about the “insult” to Mecca, where millions of Muslims arrive annually on a pilgrimage. “Whilst Arabs are being killed in Gaza other Arabs can now enjoy sex-tape heiress,” goes one tweet. “Show your disgust.” Another asked via Twitter: “How can someone who made such a video open a store in the holy city next to the Grand Mosque?” Others thought the whole luxury shopping center was sacrilegious. “Forget @ParisHilton the whole mall is an insult!” another tweeted. “Mecca Mall! WTF…ppl who travel 2 the haram shud only intend 2 worship.” Hilton, no stranger to controversy, has not publicly made any comments about the Twitter storm. The latest store is the fifth in Saudi Arabia and 42nd worldwide that bears her name. The former “The Simple Life” star simply tweeted: “Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!”

Ugh. I would, personally, be disgusted if I saw a Paris Hilton store open next to a McDonald’s here in the US … I mean, c’mon, people eat at McD’s! I can’t even imagine the level of nauseous repulsion felt by faithful pilgrims in Mecca who are faced with a glittering mall of excess offering overpriced material objects INCLUDING an entire store that sells nothing but products with Paris Hilton’s name on them! UGH! I mean, don’t get me wrong, Paris Hilton can try and sell her products anywhere she likes but she would have to be a complete fool to not realize how loathsome it may appear to religious pilgrims to see her name associated with the holy site of Mecca.


  • @Zorbitor

    Paris spreads love & self indulgence, haters spread disgust & denial.

    • @Zorbitor — Hahahahahaha. Unless you’re being serious, then LOL!!!

  • Brandyjk

    @Zorbitor, Let’s not pretend like Paris hasn’t spread disgust and denial too. She’s made terrible comments about gays and her supposed friends. And that’s just what is on record. She’s no role model for good behavior. But you got the self-indulgence part right, for sure.

  • Reem

    Come on, people go there to worship! Do we really need to be reminded to Paris while we pray? SMH (my first use of this term, but it seems appropriate) As a Muslim, I find this disrespectful :(

  • Serenity

    How tacky. Here’s hoping her store goes belly up within a few months.

  • Mihai

    I agree with one of the tweets…why hone in on just Paris Hilton (however, I do agree that the association of Paris Hilton and Mecca makes me nauseous), the idea of having an entire mall to remind people of this materialistic world is against the very principle of going to Mecca – it should be the ultimate spiritual journey, but now you’ve got a sparkling new mall to go get a new handbag after self-reflection and prayers…who’s stupid idea was this Mecca Mall anyway??

    • Shannon

      Mihai, agreed. The mall itself is the real problem here. Total ridiculousness. Brings new meaning to the question ‘Is nothing sacred?!’

  • Rickthewizard

    ugh while i don’t particularly like Paris,and truthfully while i respect everyone’s right to follow any faith of their choosing i am very tired of overly sensitive middle easterners and Muslim’s. I feel as though every time i hear something about the middle east it’s over something silly. I understand mecca is a holy city- but if it’s so holy why put a high end shopping mall there to begin with? She isn’t the only designer with a checkered past. why allow someone who know has a past that you find distasteful even attempt to expand there? Again while i can appreciate the passion for their religion i feel as though they use it as an excuse to be as hostile and nasty as possible (just my opinion -not a fact)a part of even feels as though she may have been allowed to open a store there just to give the people more to bitch about and yet another reason to hate westerners. My point is they(the government, builders,businessmen any one who had a hand in helping the store be opened there who is of the Muslim faith of from mecca) knew exactly who she was and what her past was so i’m really not here for any sympathy to be given to either paris or the people of mecca.

    • fmx

      If mecca can’t tolerate a paris hilton store what else can’t it tolerate?

  • Eri

    I just can’t get over that she has 42 stores on this earth. 42!! That can only mean that people are actually BUYING the stuff, which I find incredibly hard to believe. Who are these people?

  • D.

    Speaking as a Muslim who has been to Mecca twice now, I can’t say I’m bothered. The feeling and calmness by being in Mecca especially the mosque and being near the Kaabah is indescribable, everything else is just window dressing.