Lil’ Wayne Is Retiring From Rap


Despite being one of the most popular, most buzzworthy rappers in the game right now, Dwayne Lil’ Wayne Michael Carter, Jr. is making plans for his retirement from rap. In a new interview with MTV News, Weezy laid the groundwork for his eventual exit from the world of rap by announcing that his forthcoming new album The Carter V will be his last. Altho the Lil’ one isn’t completely sure what he’ll do next, he does throw out a couple of possible new career ventures. But, if he is to be believed, being a rap superstar is no longer in his future.

Lil Wayne is making retirement plans from the music industry, saying upcoming album “Tha Carter V” will be his last effort. He opened up to MTV News on Wednesday, November 21 of his dream of being a sports analyst after years of rapping. “I know y’all want me around for a little bit, [but] Carter V is my last album,” Wayne revealed. “Man, I’ve been rappin’ since I was 8 years old. I’m 30 now, man. That’s a long time, man.” He added, “When I love to do something, I’m fully focused on it and it only. And music sometimes is not that ‘it’.” Of what he thinks the future may hold for him, he said, “I’d be a skater/sports analyst. My day job will probably be sports analyst and I’ll skate all night instead of being in the studio all night … “Skating is a world, it’s a world… it’s a life, it’s a world, it’s, it’s own and I didn’t know that,” he said. “I thought it was four wheels and piece of wood. I didn’t know that. Now I know it’s a world and I just wanna be vital in that world.” His plans include a business venture with fellow rapper Nelly. “My big brother Nelly and I… him and I we got a sports show coming out. We don’t have a station, we’re just doin’ it ourselves right now,” Wayne gushed. “Tha Carter V”, his eleventh studio album, is expected to be released in 2013. Another album, “I Am Not a Human Being II” will be put in stores February 19 that year.

Hmmm. So Lil’ Wayne will either be a sports commentator or a skateboarders, got it. I mean … I can see it. At first I didn’t really take any of this talk about retirement seriously but now that I think about it, it does make sense. The guy is richer than most of us will ever be combined. At this point in his life, why not just give in and do what makes him happiest. In the wake of all those scary seizures he’s been experiencing, I don’t blame him for slowing down and enjoying life a bit more. As long as Lil’ Wayne doesn’t take an interest in designing clothes (I mean, lawd, have you seen some of the stuff he likes to wear?!) then I think we’ll be fine. I’m sure this retirement news will come as a blow to many of his fans but since I don’t have a huge vested interest, I understand and support him. Do your thing, Weez, do your thing and be happy.


  • Whit

    Unfortunately for us, he does has an interest in designing

  • Ella

    I read the title and busted out laughing and then I read that he wanted to be a skater…a nighttime skater…because it’s a…world and then I laughed some more.

  • Shannon

    Yeah, it’s about time he took a break (which is what all these ‘retirement’ stories always turn out to be).

    @Ella, the skater quote is HILARIOUS. Like… what?! LMAO.

  • Megan

    Well we know that ain’t going to last. He’s going to spend all his money and then have to come back to rap. But it’ll be nice for him to take a break.

  • nicole

    even though it probably wont last..for now all i have to say is – THANK YOU BABY JESUS! atleast he’ll be gone for a little while.

  • fmx

    I think this is great for him to admit what he wants to make himself happy and honest. I don’t know, half of his career was being that cliche rapper on drugs and purp, I hope this means he can lead a better lifestyle for himself and his kids, skating away the night into retirement sounds fun.