Kevin Clash May Be Heard As The Voice Of Elmo Until 2014


Earlier this week we learned that embattled Kevin Clash, the man who provides the voice for Elmo on Sesame Street, resigned from his role in the wake of more allegations of having sex with another underaged man. Altho NO criminal activity has been proven and altho Clash has NOT been convicted of any wrongdoing, the drama surrounding these accusations have forced his hand and he decided to resign from voicing Elmo on Sesame Street. Today we learn, tho, that altho Clash may have resigned from voicing Elmo from here on out, he has already filmed enough episodes of Sesame Street to run thru 2014. It looks like we’ll be “hearing” from Kevin Clash for some time now despite his resignation.

Kevin Clash may have resigned from “Sesame Street”, but his voice will possibly be heard on the children’s show until the next two years. New York Post learns from show executives that the Elmo puppeteer has filmed episodes through 2014. Clash quit the long-running series after being hit with underage-sex claims by two guys … Though Clash has quit as the voice of Elmo, the red furry monster [joined] the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 22 with another puppeteer bringing him to life. A Sesame Workshop executive previously insisted that Clash’s departure wouldn’t affect the show’s production because other actors had been filling in for Clash when he was off work.

You know, 2014 is a long time away. Let’s say, for example, Clash resigns for the next year or so … long enough for this scandal to go away … there’s nothing saying that he can’t step back into the Elmo role. At the end of the day, Elmo is a hugely important character on Sesame Street and Kevin Clash is hugely important as his voice. As long as he does not get convicted of any crimes, I don’t see why he can’t take up the role again in the future. The fact that he has already filmed enough episodes for a full year (or more) means there is hope he can take time away from Sesame Street, get his house in order and then return to the role. We’ll just have to wait and see. The man is innocent until proven guilty in my book so, let’s just see how this all turns out. Hopefully a happy ending can be had … somewhere way down the line.


  • Alicia Mayo-White

    That’s what I am hoping for. If he is innocent, it just shows how professional he is by keeping this as far away as he can from children’s programming. I really hope he returns. Not just for Elmo, but because he is such a great puppeteer with a passion for what he does. It would be a shame for him to not be able to continue doing what he loves.

    • Andrew Hager

      I couldn’t agree more. Nor could I have said it better, myself. Kevin Clash poured his heart and soul into his career, and it would be terrible to lose him. If he, indeed, is innocent of all charges, I would want him back.

  • @Zorbitor

    If he was getting fired from WalMart nobody would care…