First Listen: Solange Releases A New Track Titled, ‘Lovers In The Parking Lot’


Ever since Solange released the video forĀ Losing You, the first single off her upcoming album True, I have been waaaiting for this moment! New music from Solange! Yes, thank you! Losing You was my jam for a minute and Lovers In The Parking Lot is, really, just as a good a track. It has a very different sound from the upbeat, dance vibe that Losing You gives off, but it’s still got that general funky, awesomeness we’ve come to associate with Solange. Peep the audio above, and tell me if you love, love, love it! Losing You is still the song, but I really like this one too (and I like that it made me go look for that old Nivea song). And, damn, Solange can really sing!

True drops on November 27!

  • overit

    kristen & rupert? anyone? ha.

    • Shannon

      overit, LMAO! Sooo wrong.

  • Brandyjk

    I love Losing You – first of all – and thanks for bringing it to us, Shannon. But I really like this one too! I’m gonna have to get this album, for sure.

    • Shannon

      Brandyjk, you’re welcome and I agree– I need this album in my liiiife!

  • Jenn

    Solange is my giiiirl. And, bonus points for the Nivea throwback. Loves it!

    • Shannon

      Jenn, yeah! Thanks for reminding me that I put that in there. Listening to it again now, lol!