First Listen: Cher Debuts A New Single Titled ‘Women’s World’


Cher’s back. Yes, ’tis true. While everyone here in the US was gorging themselves on Thanksgiving dinner, the immortal Cher quietly released a new single titled Woman’s World. As I understand it, a demo version of the song leaked online earlier this week so Cher’s record label decided to get ahead of the leak and release the single themselves. Cher is reportedly working on a new album that is as-yet untitled (therefore, likely to NOT be released this year) and Woman’s World is the first taste of her new sound. It’s clubby and a bit generic for my taste but, well, check out the embed above and see what you think. Who here is happy for Cher’s return?!

  • nicole

    i dont mind it.

  • Lauren xx

    I’m so pumped for this album. I’m probably her youngest fan at 25, but DAMN that woman puts on a great concert. I’m hoping a new album = a tour = FAB Bob Mackie stage costumes and Cher’s sharp wit. She’s one of the few that gets her audience dancing and laughing the whole night. :)

  • Nathan

    Definitely not one of my favourite Cher songs. Not terrible though.