Anna Nicole Smith’s 6 Year Old Daughter Is Now Modeling For Guess


It has been a few years since we’ve heard a peep about Dannielynn Hope Marshall Smith Stern Birkhead, the only daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith … but today, we get an update … and it’s kind of a disturbing one. As you may know, Anna Nicole Smith found fame and fortune as a Guess model way back in the days before her life spiraled down into an early death. Today we learn that Dannielynn Hope is now following in her mother’s footsteps as a Guess model … and the girl is only 6 years old. Danni’s father Larry Birkhead has, thus far, done a pretty good job keeping his child out of the harsh glare of the public spotlight but it would seem that he is now ready to thrust her into the same life that her mother enjoyed … hopefully without the same sad end :( Click below to see photos and video of Dannielynn’s new Guess photoshoot.

Anna Nicole Smith’s 6-year-old daughter is following in her late mother’s footsteps. Twenty years ago, Smith shot her famous first ad for the clothing company which helped launch her career. Now Dannielynn is a Guess girl, too. Larry Birkhead, Dannielynn’s father, told Entertainment Tonight, which got photos from the shoot, that Dannielynn has the modeling bug. “She said, ‘Now tell me, when am I going to be on those shopping bags?’” He followed by saying that school is the most important thing for the now child model and that this was more of a tribute to her mother.

In the new ads, Dannielynn, 6, poses on the beach for the jean company that helped launch Anna Nicole to stardom … “Dannielynn will look back someday and say, ‘How cool! I got to be a Guess girl just like my mom,'” Birkhead tells ET. While Birkhead is thrilled with seeing his daughter take up where Anna Nicole left off, the decision was ultimately left up to Dannielynn. “It was something I asked her if she wanted to do, and she said, ‘Sure!'” Birkhead says. The young model is so enthusiastic about the project that she’s already started asking about when she can see the final product … Even with all the promise that Dannielynn has shown, Birkhead says that, for now, he just want her to “be a kid and have school.” “She’s a typical kid,” says Birkhead. “She plays and she wants to do everything that all the other kids do.”

LMAOOOOO! So lemme get this straight, Larry asked his 6 year old daughter if she wanted to be a Guess model and she said “Sure” and he was all, “OK!”? Oh man. Now, just because Anna Nicole met a tragically sad end, it doesn’t mean that Dannielynn will follow suit. Let’s not forget, Anna Nicole was horribly exploited (to death) by her despicable lawyer Howard K. Stern so hopefully Larry will keep a better eye on his daughter. I mean, I know that young children can be models without suffering any harm but something about this feels so wrong to me. I can’t help but NOT think about the sad way that Anna Nicole Smith died … I would hate to see her only surviving child end up the same way … not that being a model per se will result in the same way but … ugh, it just feels so wrong. Right?

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  • Ella

    First of all Dannielynn is gorgeous. She got the best parts of her mother’s beauty. I do think Larry has done a good job keeping his daughter out of the public eye considering. Imagine what it must be like for a single dad. How do you tell your daughter about her mother’s mostly train-wreck of a life?

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Larry letting his daughter do something fun to honor the good aspects of her mother’s career. Is she a little young? Yes, but we live in a country where women jam false teeth in their 3 year old daughter’s mouths put them in bikinis and tell them to shimmy for adult judges. The Guess ad was tasteful and fun.

    Larry just needs to remember he is her father and not her manager and friend. I don’t think it’s time to shake our heads in disappointment just yet.

    • @Ella — I dunno, I think it would be one thing if an 18 year old Dannilynn decided to “honor her mother” (whatever that means) by becoming a Guess model but a 6 year old? I’m sorry, this just feels so wrong to me.

    • Ella

      Yeah, “honoring her mother” seems a bit heavy for a 6 year old. If he wants to honor Anna Nicole he can do so without using his kid as a prop. Plus, I wouldn’t want my kid following in Anna Nicole’s footsteps.
      Do you know if she have a contract with Guess? If it’s a one time thing, whatever. If he wants to take her all the way to the top then that would be problematic.

    • @Ella — I don’t know if she has a contract but I would assume not.

  • Serenity

    What’s up? Did he burn through the inheritance that Anna Nicole left for her daughter?

    I fail to see how this is a good idea. A lot of people still seem to think that modeling is just showing up and having your picture taken, but (1) it’s work; (2) the industry is pretty cruel. Yeah, we’ve seen movement in Europe towards non-anorexic models, but girls who want to be models will, most likely, walk into an agency and be told what’s “wrong” with them. It’s not something that I’d push my own child toward, especially not a six-year-old who hasn’t had the time and life experience to develop a sense of self that’s independent of whether others tell her she’s good enough.

  • Sarah Brewer

    I just wanna throw this out there. When I was little my mom was the world to me. I tried to act like her, look like her, practically be her as much as possible. Maybe this little girl looks up to her mom a lot. All she would have now are photos and videos to see her, so maybe this IS her way of looking up to her mom. By trying to be like her. Also, I will be more worried if her father continues to allow her to model on a more regular basis. Only time will tell.

  • Lulu

    I’m not ready to tar an feather him yet.

    I think he has done a wonderful job keeping her out of the lime light, and one little shoot that she will enjoy later in her life is totally fine.

  • Mihai

    I don’t have an opinion on her modelling, but I’ve just got to say, my God, that little girl is incredibly beautiful!

  • Sabrina

    It is one photo shoot not a big deal. A lot of little girls love to dress up and have there pictures taken.

    • Ali Thomas

      Dannielynn is not just any girl. Her mother was notorious person who died of drug overdose. I hope her dad will do the right thing and stop selling her pictures in tabloids. I hope common sense will prevail.

  • Ali Thomas

    the article is snarky and vile. mr. stern IS NOT IN JAIL, get your facts STRAIGHT. mr. birkhead is dannielynn’s guardian and he knows what is proper for his child. Anna RIP!

    • Shannon m.

      I’m unsure where Trent said that Howard Stern was in jail? However, he did exploit that woman to death. Also, Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn’s biological father, not just guardian.

    • @Shannon m. — I removed the line about jail because Thomas is right, he’s not in jail. It had been so long, I posted the wrong info. That said, I agree, HKS did exploit that poor woman to death.

    • ACK

      Anna Nicole Smith died from a broken heart. Period.

  • Vicky

    Forget to take your meds today there Ali Thomas?

    • Ella

      No need to get nasty Vicky.

  • ExpressYourself

    Looks like the baby daddy still doesnt want to get his own job yet. About time that 6 year old slacker started pulling her own weight

  • Sam

    I do believe the comments have become quite a deal more interesting than the actual story *grabs popcorn*

  • Luna

    When you talk about Guess campaigns, I only remember Claudia Schiffer and Anna Nicole Smith’s. Truly iconic. Let’s hope her little girl will grow up without following in her mother’s footsteps T_T

  • coco

    I’m glad the little girl is not seemingly brain-damaged.

  • Gt

    My friend’s little boy is absolutely gorgeous and so he was given the opportunity to model. He has a normal loving family who have no need to push their kids into anything. The photo shoots are handled by professionals who work with young models and is reallly more about getting him to play and have fun on set. The professional photographer catches the smiles and laughter while he’s having fun, and he gets to save up so money for when he is older. He started when he was 2 or 3 and now, nearly 5 continues normally with school and occasionally models on the side.

    What’s wrong with that?

    • @Gt — There is nothing wrong with that but you miss the point entirely. No one is saying Dannilynn is doomed but with her mother’s sad track record, folks believe that extra heed should be paid to ensure that her daughter doesn’t follow in her footsteps — at all.

  • Chris

    Didnt Anna Nicole Smith try to keep her daughter from this guy?

    • @Chris — She tried to deny he was the father because HKS told her the baby was his. Ugh. So much sadness in poor Anna Nicole’s life :(

    • Ali Thomas

      Dear Trent,
      Anna Nicole put Stern’s name on child’s brith certificate, she named him dad. Get your facts straight. Birkhead was just one of the men who claimed he was the father. Alex Denk, Ben Thompson and others were the candidates. Anna Nicole was not poor little woman, she married a man aged 90 for his billions and then wanted $400m from his family when he died.

    • @Ali Thomas — Just because you put someone’s name on a birth certificate doesn’t mean they are the biological father. Birkhead was proved the biological father, get your facts straight.

    • Ali Thomas

      yes, chris she did. she did not love the guy. she wanted to start a new life in bahamas.