Thankful For The 30th Annual Detroit Turkey Trot


It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US and while I normally spend some time blogging about whatever may be going on in the goss world while everyone else gorges themselves on turkey dinners, this year looks like it will be a little different for me. Y’all may know that I am in Detroit, MI this week for the holiday and earlier this morning, my BFF Sarah and our friend Agnes joined me in running the 30th annual Detroit Turkey Trot race. They ladies ran the 5K, I ran the 10K and we had a blast. Now, I’m tired. Hahaha. Instead of working for the early part of the day, I’ll try to post some things later on in the day … after I rest my dawgs a bit. We had a lot of fun this morning so if you want to check out some of our fun photos, you can do so below.

The race started at around 7:45 AM but we had to be up and downtown much earlier than that. After a late night at the movies last night, Sarah and I were not all that happy about being up at 5 AM. Still, we got our gear on and made our way downtown for the race. Because I ran the longer 10K, I was corralled separately from Sarah and Agnes but we all had a blast, individually.

As much as the race was fun, I wasn’t all that happy with how congested the race course was. I think the race organizers are blaming the congestion on “construction” but it was impossible to run the race with any seriousness. The first 2 miles were congested but the last .5 mile was ridiculous. The path was PACKED with everyone, it was impossible to run. I walked for a good 3-4 minutes to reach the finish line (so my official finish time is NOT really representative of how fast I ran). NOT that it’s a big deal or anything, but it was a bit annoying :) Still, so much fun. After the race, we went out for Coney Island dogs for our recovery meal and first Thanksgiving meal this year :) YUM!

I can’t say that I’m all that excited to celebrate Thanksgiving this year but it’s nice to be home. I plan on burrowing myself under the covers for a bit to try and rest up and relax … and that is something to be very thankful for this year.

  • nicole

    Happy Thanksgiving Trent :) (and to the rest of America as well :))

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Trent and to your family.Give God thanks for you have and like in Blight Spirits if you fall from the bike,”get up,stick your tongue to the people that laugh,dust yourself and get on the bike and ride off”.There are better and happier times ahead.You are loved and highly appreciated at least by me and I know by many,many others.Have a nice day,buddy.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    the fact that you got up and ran after a late night is awesome. good for you, trent. (and sarah and agnes). enjoy your day, and know that im thankful for YOU. xx

  • Sabrina

    @Trent – I haven’t gotten to tell you that I am so sorry about your relationship coming to an end. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!