Watch: Kevin Clash’s Second Accuser Speaks Out About The Sexual Relationship He Had With The Former Voice Of ‘Elmo’


Yesterday we heard more troubling news about Kevin Clash, the former voice of Elmo. Days after Sheldon Stephens, the first young man who accused Clash of sexual abuse, came forward in hopes of undoing the original settlement he’d made with Clash, a second young man came out and accused the famed star of having a sexual relationship with him when he was underage. Following this second accusation, Kevin Clash officially resigned as the voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo. We are now learning more details about Cecil Singleton (the second accuser) and the nature of his relationship with Clash. Click inside to learn more.

And in case you can’t watch right now, here’s the deal:

Kevin Clash’s newest accuser, Cecil Singleton, held a press conference Tuesday afternoon in which he described in detail the nature of the sexual relationship he had with the puppeteer nine years ago when he was just 15 years old.
“[There was] groping, masturbation, and just a lot of intense kissing, touching, that kind of thing. Dry humping,” he said. “But we did not have sex and it’s imperative to note that. We did not have…sexual intercourse until years later when I was an adult.”
Singleton added that he broke things off after two weeks.
“I just remember telling myself that he seemed to really like me and… let me spare him now because I know that I can’t do this,” noted the accuser. “If I had to make an educated guess and say if we had stayed together we more than likely would have had sex at that age.”

As I’ve said before, this story is getting so complicated and so compounded, I can’t even guess at the truth, or the fabrication or whatever. As some of you mentioned yesterday, there’s always the possibility that these young men lied about their age, there are questions about a 15 year-old being on an adult chat room, and nobody has actually come out with proof that underage sex took place. But who knows???? It’s just bad… all bad. I do hope that the whole truth (or something close to it) eventually comes out.

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  • Devonte

    I do not condone nor excuse underage sex engagements. But I’m VERY sure these boys that are now claiming mental abuse at their later age were in fact leading Kevin on. 15/16 is a highly sexual age, especially for the curious young gay mind. Mr. Clash was probably not on a gay chatline SPECIFICALLY for underage men but who knows, it was the 90s. But regardless, I wouldn’t even regard these boys’ claims since they are clearly equally at fault. It’s not like this is an example of To Catch A Predator which I just only recently saw an episode and can NOT believe these actual sickos are in existence.

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    reporter: “how long did this groping relationship last?”. If I were that reporter, I would be ashamed and embarrassed that I sunk that low. Bottom feeding scum. :(

  • Colette

    This guy claimed he had sex with other men when he was under age . I wonder if he is sueing them also?

  • Ella

    ……Why a press conference? If you know you aren’t the only underage boy he has victimized why have a press conference and demand money instead of demanding justice and legal action? The boys Sandusky molested were troubled too, but they didn’t get payouts, they sought justice and the removal of a predator from the streets. I suddenly have doubts about the validity of these claims. True or untrue, a man’s career has been ruined, not for justice, but for greed. The entire thing makes me sick.

    • @Ella — “The boys Sandusky molested were troubled too, but they didn’t get payouts, they sought justice and the removal of a predator from the streets. I suddenly have doubts about the validity of these claims.”

      Sadly, I’ve had my doubts from the start :(

    • emily

      Agreed Ella & Trent, it just doesn’t feel right. I know Shannon has said she often sides with the accuser b/c it’s so difficult to come out and say something, but in this case the accusers are acting awfully shady. I was enraged about Sandusky, I’m highly skeptical about this one. I keep feeling badly for Clash, who not only has a ruined career, and an embarrassingly public email chain, but from what I’ve been reading seemed to try and respect the boys’ ages. Yes, he could have gone after men in a more appropriate age range, but these kind of relationships happen all the time and I am in no position to judge who is attracted to whom and when. Yes, they were young, but from Clash’s emails it sounds like this tore him up inside, he apologized for talking about sex to Sheldon and this new guy … well, they didn’t even have sex. It sounds to me like Clash was very torn about being attracted to these young men but knowing it’s inappropriate. Point is, there’s so much shadiness to this that all I feel is skepticism and sadness while Sandusky just made me angry.

    • Ella

      @Emily-Part of what makes me angry about this situation is the fact that I don’t believe Clash is completely innocent. There is no respect for those boys ages. Feeling guilt or shame for the inappropriate feelings he had is all fine and good except he should have ended those relationships when his feelings became improper. It was his job as the adult in the situation to end them. While we can’t really control who we respond to biologically, we can control what we do with those feelings, especially when it can lead to impropriety and potentially jail time if found out.

  • ck1

    I agree Ella!

    Kevin is the adult and he needed to act like one, regardless of his feelings.

    The accuser here hardly seems a “victim.” He was able to break it off, doesn’t sound like Kevin harassed or manipulated him. These just sound like people who now want in it for the money. Hopefully a judge will reward him/them NOTHING.