Tori Amos Does ‘V’ Magazine


Earlier this month we saw actress Scarlett Johansson on the cover of the new issue of V magazine, which is all nice and stuff, but today we learn that the musical GODDESS Tori Amos is featured inside the issue! It’s unclear if Tori was interviewed by V or if she is featured in a blurby article but we do know that she was photographed for the feature. Click below to see a scan of Tori’s beautiful appearance in this month’s new issue of V magazine.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this V magazine feature is meant to promote the release of Tori’s latest album Gold Dust but it may, too, include more information about her forthcoming new musical The Light Princess. V is usually very good about putting their articles online so hopefully we’ll get to read about Tori in the mag. Still, it’s nice that we get to see this photo. Tori Amos is a true goddess, she deserves to be featured in more magazines, more often :D

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  • Brenna

    Great photo! She looks more “real” than she’s been looking lately, if that makes sense. Thanks for always keeping us up on Tori, Trent!

  • Juneh

    I saw her live during her Gold Dust tour and she looked amazing! Flowery dresses, colourful sweaters, she looked fresh. I’m a bit biased tho, cause she played ‘here in my head’ and I’m still fangirling over that haha.