‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Releases Motion Poster Artwork


Back in September we saw photos from the set of the forthcoming sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and today we get to see the just-released motion poster for the film. As you may recall, Lionsgate released animated promo art when they were promoting the first film, The Hunger Games, and they are following suit this time with Catching Fire. The animated poster gives us our first look at the film’s logo and we are instructed to share #TheSpark with other fans. Check out the motion poster below and see what you think (make sure you turn up your speakers, if you can)

Every Revolution Starts With a Spark

I LOVE THIS. As I always say whenever any movie studio releases a motion poster for a film, EVERY studio should be doing this! Yes, traditional poster artwork is essential in promoting a film but online? Yes, motion posters should also be released for the online promotion of a film. This is a great little tease for Catching Fire. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if a short teaser video is released sometime soon … perhaps during the Xmas movie release season. I love this poster, do you?


  • ClaireMichelle

    I have been fangirling over this so hard. The music is amazing, and all of the details are so perfect! Like the fact that there is a clock in the background. ;) And I love that they transformed the Mockingjay into how it looks on the Catching Fire book cover. I’m just… Obsessed. Haha.

  • miguel

    beautiful. :)

  • MJ

    I love it! And perhaps, I’ve been living under a rock because I just read the date…it’s a YEAR away! Boo!

  • Joan

    Love! I also love the tagline and the specific mention of the word “revolution”. These books have a really strong message (if one wants to look at them from a serious, critical standpoint, of course) and with all the crazy stuff that have been going around the world lately, I feel that message keeps getting more relevant.

  • Lauren

    Literally gave me chills! How are we suppose to wait an entire year??