Alicia Keys Is Going On Tour With Miguel


Well, this is awesome news! Alicia Keys and Miguel– two artists who I could kinda listen to all day– are going to be hitting the stage together next year, like, on the regular. Seriously? The last time I went to a concert it was for Jay-Z’s American Gangster tour and I hadn’t even started making babies yet. It may be time for Momma Shannon to come out of her live performance-attending retirement, lol! Alicia and Miguel! Aghhh! Learn more inside!

Complex has the report:

Alicia Keys hosted a YouTube live stream/Google+ Hangout yesterday to premiere her new album Girl on Fire. The December/January cover girl told candid stories behind each track. She didn’t share the moment alone—collaborators MaxwellMiguel, and Emeli Sande joined her.

Keys revealed during the two-hour listening session that she will be going on tour again. It is slated for March and she’ll be bringing along Miguel.

“Miguel is one of the flyest songwriters. The way you piece ideas and concepts and thoughts, you are really special,” she told him during the session.

Uhhh so yeah! All I keep imagining is the two of them on stage singing the ish out of Miguel’s Do You together. Sigh. That’s gonna be awesome! I know Alicia can put on a live show and PITBR Tina has said Miguel is pretty sweet too. Even though I haven’t loved the singles off Alicia Keys’s new album Girl On Fire, I’m still so into this idea. Anyone else excited to see these two linking up together?


  • Dezden

    I can’t believe you’re not a concert girl! You and Trent will have to go to some together. :)

    Hopefully this tour will come near me… I’d go.

  • Brent

    I’m so there.

  • Tina

    Oh snap thanks for the shout out! *curtsies* This REALLY makes me excited. I’ve never seen Alicia live but I’d love to see her and Miguel perform her “Diary” song. And well since I’m already dreaming- for Maxwell to appear through the fog and just hit a falsetto note. That’s all he has to do.