Kevin Clash, The Voice Of ‘Elmo,’ RESIGNS From ‘Sesame Street’ As He Is Accused AGAIN Of Sex With A SECOND Underage Boy [UPDATE]


Ugh, just when you thought the sex scandal that has engulfed Kevin Clash, the man who provides the voice of Elmo on Sesame Street, has come to an end we learn today that A SECOND accuser has come out with allegations that Clash engaged in sex acts with an underage boy. As you may recall we first learned that Clash was accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage boy named Sheldon Stevens and after a week or so of back and forth, that matter was settled with a financial payment (tho, Stevens is now trying to undo that settlement). Today TMZ is reporting that Clash is being accused by another person who claims that he engaged in inappropriate sex acts with an underage boy that originated on a phone sex chat line. Damn. Here we go again. UPDATE: Clash has now resigned as the voice of Elmo on Sesame Street.

Kevin Clash — known as the voice of Elmo — is facing NEW allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a SECOND underage boy … TMZ has learned. The man — who is now in his 30s — has filed a lawsuit against Clash … claiming the two met on a gay phone chat line back in 1993 … when the accuser was 15 years old and Clash was 32. The accuser claims, “[Clash] trolled gay telephone chat line rooms to meet and have sex with underage boys.” In the lawsuit, filed in federal court in NYC, the accuser claims Clash “groomed [the accuser] to gain his trust by, among other things, taking him to nice dinners and giving him money.” The accuser claims while Clash was featured on “Sesame Street,” he was “preying on teenage boys to satisfy his depraved sexual interests.” In the suit, the accuser claims … although the sex occurred nearly 20 years ago, he didn’t take action until now because … he “did not become aware that he had suffered adverse psychological and emotional effects from Kevin Clash’s sexual acts and conduct until 2012.” The accuser is demanding more than $5 million. We broke the story, Clash struck a settlement with a previous accuser who initially claimed he had a sexual relationship with Kevin beginning when he was 16 years old. As part of the settlement, the accuser issued a statement recanting his claims.

Ugh. This story just gets grosser and grosser. At this point, we don’t know for sure if Clash really did prey on these young boys or if these adult men are now taking advantage of his fame in an attempt to make some money. To be clear, I am always on the side of the accuser because I believe it is extremely difficult for a victim to come forward with this kind of abuse … but, sadly, we do live in an age where it is easy to launch these kinds of career destroying allegations in an attempt to score a big pay day. It’s possible that this second accuser, who may have had some kind of relationship with Clash in the past (one that could’ve been very innocent), is using the controversy generated by the first accuser to enjoy a financial settlement of his own. Again, we don’t know. My guess is that there will be another financial settlement in Kevin Clash’s future … and I fear his career as the voice of Elmo will be destroyed forever.

UPDATE: Welp, the inevitable has occurred … Kevin Clash as resigned as the voice of Elmo from Sesame Street:

Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, has resigned from Sesame Street … in the immediate wake of a new lawsuit accusing him of having sex with an underage boy — the second such allegation in 2 weeks … Sesame Workshop says, “Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Kevin’s personal life has become a distraction that none of us want, and he has concluded that he can no longer be effective in his job and has resigned from Sesame Street. This is a sad day for Sesame Street.”

Yep, this had to happen. Honestly, I doubted that Clash would be able to continue as the voice of Elmo after he weathered the the first scandal but this second one? Yeah, he is done. This whole story is so gross, for numerous reasons. Someone, please, make it stop :(

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  • Meghan

    Eww….this is not looking good for Kevin Clash. He will have to step down from his role on Sesame Street. He now has multiple claims against him and it just wouldn’t be appropriate for him to stay on Sesame Street.

    • Meghan

      Yep. Just saw on TMZ that Clash has resigned.

  • mandylala

    Our local news is reporting he resigned. Wonder what’s going to become of Elmo. LOVE Elmo!

  • Jax M

    I just read he resigned. :(

  • Brent

    This is very disturbing. I cannot stand to hear stuff like this it is so heartbreaking. I must say though, my first thought to reading this was why is a 15 year old on a phone gay sex chat line? Now obviously I am not blaming the supposed victim here so please don’t misunderstand, I just don’t feel a 15 year old should be on a gay sex chat line.

    • Brittany

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • emily

      Ditto. Can’t be legal. Regardless, this is just sad sad sad.

    • Matthew

      My thoughts exactly. Those chat lines were the equivalent of grindr back then. You go on there with a purpose in mind. Talk to someone, then hook up with them somewhere private and discrete.

      I’m not defending Clash. Obviously he didn’t inquire into the age of all the people he hooked up with from that chat line. Or maybe he did and didn’t care. In any case, he is paying for it now and he should if he broke the law. Still, it bothers me that none of these victims went to the police.

      Hopefully as homosexuals continue to gain visibility and become less ashamed, we can start to get rid of the down low culture that enables situations like this.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I just don’t even know what to think or how to comment on this story anymore.

    • Silly


  • Joanna

    I believe his career is done. He could have made a comeback after the first guy but after a second one? No it’s not possible. It’s really sad since he has kinda be one the voice of Sesame Street over the last decade to decade and a half. If Elmo wasn’t the biggest star on Sesame Street I would have suggested they retire the character altogether. I just hope they can get someone else who can continue Elmo’s legacy in a positive way.

    • Paul

      His career is probably done with Sesame Street, but unless one of these guys files a criminal charge against Kevin Clash instead of these civil suits asking for money, he can still work with Muppets (just not the ones on Sesame Street). He has done more than just Elmo in his career.

    • Serenity

      @Paul That’s a good point. If I was one of the accusers, I’d definitely want Clash to do some time in jail. Then again, I’m not one of those people who thinks that enough money will make me feel good about being assaulted.

      I have this horrible suspicion that the second person just saw an easy paycheck and that’s why he’s surfacing now.

  • kendra

    I get that this is a horrible story but…Trent’s Elmo voice bubble yelling “Not again, Kevin!” is cracking my shizz up!

    • Shannon

      Trent rules. He just… rules.

  • Adrienne

    I watched the documentary about Kevin called Being Elmo not too long ago. Kevin seemed like such a cool guy. This makes me so sad. I hope the allegations are untrue but when there’s smoke…

  • nicole

    so are they going to bring in someone else to do Elmo’s voice? because they clearly can’t write Elmo off…

  • meme

    A world without Elmo is a sadder place.

  • miguel

    About the accusers trying to get a big pay day – I agree with that, this 15-year old dude is trying to get $5MIL….LAWD.

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    I still can’t see Kevin completely in the wrong here. The first can’t even prove that he was underage when the relationship started and the second was 15 on an 18+ chat line.

    “[Clash] trolled gay telephone chat line rooms to meet and have sex with underage boys.”

  • cutitout

    There are no “underage” sex/chat lines for anyone, gay or straight. The fact is, in a lot o places, there is no dating “scene” for gay youth the way there is for straight kids so they end up trolling adult websites and pretending to be older, they have to to even log in or dial up. These guys are not victims, 15/16 is old enough to know better. Clash should have shut them down the minute he knew their age but the likelihood they were honest and upfront with their age is slim to none.

    I think any statutory case like this that involves a teenager sneaking into a website, adult personals, etc. should automatically void out statutory issues because they usually invole lying and fraud on the part of the teens. 16 year olds don’t look that much different thanm 18 year olds today….I mean…Justin Beiber is legal.

  • Megan

    Karma is a bitch, and whoever is lying in this situation will get what they deserve.