Katie Holmes Takes A TomKat-Nap On The NY Subway


Katie Holmes is tired, y’all. Now that Katie is a single parent to her daughter Suri AND a Broadway star all at the same time, it would seem that our dear Katie is running herself a bit rag-ged. As you may know, Holmes has taken to riding the subway in NYC and was spotted this week taking a bit of a TomKat-nap on one of her rides. The poor dear.

Hope she didn’t miss her stop! Katie Holmes was spotted taking a cat-nap while riding a packed New York City subway yesterday. The busy actress and single mom has been seen using public transportation before…but never while snoozing. In a gray sweater and black skirt, the “Dead Accounts” star dozed off as she held onto her adorable daughter Suri, who was eating an apple. Holmes is currently acting in preview performances for her play at the Music Box Theater. She’s been garnering positive reviews for her role in the Broadway comedy …

Awww, I love this photo. The poor dear, she looks so tired … but you know, we’ve all be there. I bet she doesn’t mind too much that she was photographed sleeping on the subway … cuz the photo could’ve been a LOT worse. She could’ve been slumped over with her mouth agape and drool dripping down her chin. Here, she looks like a sweet angel just resting her eyes. Bless.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Sals

    kinda cool to see her take public transit like us regular folks! LOL. she must be traveling with bodyguards though right?

    • Joan

      Yeah, I love it too. Ever since she got rid of Mr. Cruise is nice to see her embracing the ways of the normal. I don’t know about the bodyguards, though. She’s has been photographed around town (and even at Subway before) very often and I’ve never seen one of them in the photos…but maybe they are just lurking around. Close, but not too close? lol

  • Joon

    Yes, I have to believe the only way she’d let her eyes rest like this was if she had 1 or 2 guards keeping watch … Especially on a busy subway. Tired mommy … This is how I feel most days & I’m not on Broadway :)

  • Silly

    Being a newly single parent is a tough phase in life, regardless of how one ends up that way.