Bound For Home


So, today I fly back home to Detroit … again, for the second time this month. Honestly, as always, I am looking forward to going home again but I can’t say that I’m totally happy about this trip in particular. Even tho I received a LOT of really amazing invites for Thanksgiving here in LA, I decided that I really didn’t want to be in LA for Thanksgiving this year. Actually, I’m not all that interested in participating in Thanksgiving at all this year but … well, we’ll see how that works out. For now, my focus is to finish packing so I can brave the flight home this afternoon.

Even tho I’m not really all that excited about going home, there is something comforting about being back in Michigan right now. I understand the temps. are fairly warm in Detroit this week so that’ll be nice. I plan on working thru the week, Thursday included, so I’ll be around. I hope YOU are having a great short work week. Happy Tuesday!!

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  • Lauri

    Have a great trip home, & Thanksgiving, Trent! :)

  • Meghan


  • cupcakes in my pocket

    i love you

  • MJ

    Safe travels, Trent! May the comforts of home lift your spirits on Thanksgiving. :)

  • Lulu

    Be well Trent!

  • Zanne

    Have a safe trip!

  • Jstar

    Travel safe!

  • Jax M

    Safe travels & I hope you have a nice time with your family. :)

  • Lydia

    Have a great trip home! I’ll be heading back to the Midwest (from Seattle to Cleveland) for the Thanksgiving too.

  • helen

    This trip will help you a lot, you’ll see. It’ll remind you that no matter how bad things go, there’s always something to be thankful for. Have a great time Trent!!

  • Rebecca


  • Alys

    Pity you couldn’t be there for Noel Night the week later. Lots of love in the D for you, and many warm thoughts!

  • emily

    I feel ya Trent, it seems easier to just ignore the holiday. But it’s so good you’re going home and when you’re sitting around the table surrounded by your family, your belly satisfied, your drink filled and everyone lit by warm candlelight … it will fill your soul and remind you life is good. Well, you have to get through the flight first … but you’ll get there, physically and emotionally. Happy Thanksgiving!