Watch: Nicki Minaj Seems Bored By Her Own Performance Of ‘Freedom’ At The American Music Awards


So, Nicki Minaj hit the stage last night to perform her new jam Freedom. We first heard the song a little while back and I was kinda feeling it, which is why I was excited to see how she would perform it on stage. Now, truthfully, the song is a more reflective piece… but I still was hoping one of the BIGGEST stars alive would have come up with something better than standing around singing, then walking over to a bench, then sitting on the bench singing, then standing up to finish singing. Like, she barely moved, lol! Okay, maybe I’m being hard on her. She moves a little. I dunno what was going on. There’s also this winter wonderland theme popping off; it’s weird. Peep the video for more! Are you feeling Nicki’s performance? The choir was great, but choirs are always great! She coulda came harder, IMO!

Sidenote: PITNBR JCZ, I just saw your comment and yes, I did watch the first segment of Nicki’s new reality thing and yes, it was horrifying, disturbing, and disappointing for ALL of the reasons you specified.


  • Meghan

    LOL! If she doesn’t care, why should anyone else? Granted, it must be hard to move around in that couture Eskimo thing she has going on there.

  • Wynter

    She should have a bored personality to go along with Martha and Roman.

    Bertie. Bored Bertie. Blah Blanche.

  • johnny

    At first I thought she lost her way … then I realized, she’s just stupid.

  • Krissy

    I find this happens in MOST Nicki Minaj performances. She always seems bored and lacks energy. She doesn’t try to hit the back rows of the venue, she just focuses about 5 inches in front of her face.

  • Danny

    Yawn! She should have performed “The Boys”.

  • Jasmine

    Boring song and boring performance.She kind of looks like she has been given some bad news right before going on stage and just had to do the performance anyway

    • Matthew

      Or the stylist didn’t get her anything she felt like wearing. On her E documentary thing, she spent a good half hour ranting and moaning because of that.