Watch: Kelly Clarkson Performs A Medley Of Her Greatest Hits On The American Music Awards


Earlier today we saw a really FUN performance from the American Music Awards last night (as well as a very un-fun performance) but right now we get to check out one of my absolute favorite performances of the night. Kelly Clarkson performed a medley of her greatest hits that not only reminds us all how fantastic her music is but is great promo for the release of her first ever greatest hits compliation Greatest Hits — Chapter 1. Check out the video above and marvel at how lucky we are to have Kelly Clarkson among us.

  • Steph

    Total girl crush on her! She is amazing an so confident! Makes a great role model.

  • karen

    Aw, I love her!

  • MJ

    Trent, she is to me what Jakey Poo is (was?) to you. So to see you share the love? Another gold star for you! :)

    But yes, my girl is flawless!

  • TheFabFour

    Wow I forgot how long she’s been around for!
    Does anyone else remember a performance where she sang “Since You Were Gone” (possible an MTV/Teen choice event) where she went into the crowd and it began to “rain” on them!? That’s the Kelly-era I loved this most!

  • Kristín

    love her to death!
    @TheFAbFour that performance of SUBG is my favorite of all times :)

  • Dezden

    Loveeeed it.

  • Donny

    We are indeed blessed to have her!