PITNB Video Exclusive: Broken Anchor Debuts A Brilliant Cover Of ‘Flagpole Sitta’


Something tells me that you woke up today feeling some 90s nostalgia. In fact, it’s Monday, so I know you did. Well, y’all know I always have a cure for the Mondays… and the good news about up-and-coming pop/rock group Broken Anchor is that you can listen to them any day of the week. Today just happens to be the exclusive PITNB debut of their official video (featuring a completely awesome cameo from Rachael Leigh Cook) for their cover of the unforgettable 1997 Harvey Danger hit, Flagpole Sitta. I’ve seriously been listening to this song since the day it was sent over to me, wishing like hell that I could sing… and that I had an acoustic guitar. And that it was 1997 or 1998 (either or). But luckily for us, Harley-Leonard (one half of Broken Anchor) can sing, and his voice is, like, rugged ethereal on this track. It’s glorious. Peep the video above and click inside to learn more about Broken Anchor! Y’all know I love finding and sharing sweet new music and good covers; Broken Anchor definitely fits the bill. How much do you love this cover?! Anybody else crying yet? No? Just me? That’s cool.

Meet Broken Anchor:


Earning comparisons to Wilco and Fleet Foxes, atmospheric, retro-influenced pop/rock band Broken Anchor evolved through a collaboration between singer/songwriter Austin Hartley-Leonard and producer Brad Gordon. After honing his craft as a solo artist with songs featured on TV shows such as “Burn Notice,” “Hart of Dixie,” “Jane By Design” and “The Ghost Whisperer,” Hartley-Leonard originally imagined Broken Anchor as a studio project. Yet, with time, Harley-Leonard and Gordon soon saw the songs take on a life of their own, and by adding drummer/percussionist Mike Duffy to the mix, Broken Anchor’s live show is now a memorable, high-energy affair.

Throughout 2012, Broken Anchor released a series of EPs, titled Broken Anchor Vol I, II, and III. All three volumes are available to DL for free at www.BrokenAnchorMusic.com, and a full length debut is slated for release in Spring of 2013. Make friends at www.Facebook.com/BrokenAnchorMusic.

  • KiTX

    This is a fantastic cover. And is it just me, or does that middle picture of Austin Hartley(Harley?)-Leonard look like a love-child of Jake Gyllenhaal and Bradley Cooper?

    • abreevs

      yes! What a great combination… LOVE THIS VIDEO!

    • Shannon

      KiTX, crazy good eye on you, lol!

  • Joon

    This video makes me want to snooze … But his voice is pretty nice

  • Adrienne

    Love the song. Takes me back to high school lol! Rachel Leigh Cook does not age!!!

  • Diana

    Fo realz… I want to know what Rachel Leigh Cook is eating… I guess she took the “this is your brain” thing seriously.

  • Sam

    I luuuuurve the original, and this cover isn’t bad! Although I find it takes some of the “frenzy” out of the original which was so important to the lyrics…but meh, I might just be too attached ;)

    • Shannon

      Sam, I hear you. And believe me, I went back and listened to the original because I missed it. But I came back to this one too :)

  • Elizabeth Whitehill
  • Matthew Schlissel

    i do not like this, one bit. i had high hopes for it, i’m not faded yet by fast songs turned slow, i think some of them are actually incredibly touching when you do that, but this just feels like a cheap imitation. and not of the original, but of gary jules – mad world. his voice is oh so gritty, but not too much, just neough to appear sexy and manly, as he whispers into the music, and the music isn’t anything original, or trying to create something new with this cover, it’s just creating a wanna-be top 40 hit with some bluesy percussion to feel cool. fuck broken anchor. at least Harvey Danger had the guts to be originally 90’s niche.