Listen: The Explicit Version Of ‘Scream & Shout’ By Britney Spears & Leaks To The Internets


Britney Spears’s new song with titled Scream & Shout isn’t due to be released until midnight tonight but the song managed to leak its way to the Internets over the weekend. Right now, we get to hear the freshly leaked uncensored and explicit version of the song which features our dear Britney Spears using her potty mouth to say the word “shit” … as in, you’re gonna turn this shit up. LOL. Folks I am in LOVE with this song. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it leaked and LORD HAVE MERCY am I HOOKED! This uncensored version is fun but be warned, you might not want to blast this if you’re at work right now. Take a listen below.

Much love and props goes out to Jon Ali’s Blog for this fun leak … which you can hear in full below:

BRING THE ACTION!!! I just love this song … notwithstanding. I understand the video will premiere on The X Factor this week … and remixes are on the way. SQUEEEEEEE!!! LOVE!


  • ClaireMichelle

    I love this so much. I can’t wait for the video!! Ahh. should be thankful BritBrit loves working with him so much!

  • xokimmy

    i can not wait to shake my booty to this! i really am gonna turn this shit up every time i hear it.

  • Tina

    Only she could do a weird ass British accent and make it work. I love her. I agree with the “ notwithstanding” comment. *Patiently awaits youtube choreography to the song*

  • Niki

    LOveeee it!!!! Can’t wait for the video!!!!!

  • Becca

    It makes me wanna scream and shout! In an entirely AWESOME way =D

  • meme

    its’s new song featuring britney not the other way around.