Lady Gaga Shares Another Teaser For Her Terry Richardson-Directed Video


The other day we saw some disturbing images that I’ve yet to get out of my mind. Lady Gaga was rapping (that was disturbing in and of itself) and also “dancing” in lingerie… while in a bathtub… I dunno. The memory is fuzzy, but no less disturbing. Anyhoo, Mama Monster was attempting to give us the cray-est sneak peek of her new video for Cake, which is being directed by Terry Richardson. Luckily, we’re getting another sneak peek that is, like, a million times less disturbing. It’s just a photo so– for those of you who saw the video clip– don’t be scurred to click inside!

Here’s the teaser Gaga shared on Twitter:

The real CAKE isn’t HAVING what you want, It’s DOING what you want. -lady gaga photo by terry richardson

See? That wasn’t so bad was it? We’re all safe and secure, and patiently awaiting the debut of this video, which will surely be… um… something of legend. After that video teaser– and this pic– is anyone else curious to see the full video? Clearly, there will be cake.


  • miguel

    cake like lady gaga. cake like lady gaga. cake like lady gaga.

  • Carmi

    “… um, something of a legend.”

    Rape yourself with your sarcasm, Trent. We love Gaga.

    • @Carmi — I didn’t write this post but your “rape” comment speaks volumes about you. The fact that you post comments under different names (today it’s “Carmi” but previously you’ve used the names “La Nina”, “edna”, “Tomasina” and “Jenner” to name a few) which tend to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinions on Gaga speaks volumes as well. Stick with one name and try to relax on the language or you’ll be banned.

    • Krissy

      The rape comment was really unnecessary and pretty creepy.

    • Shannon

      The funny part is, I kinda wasn’t being sarcastic. This video WILL be something of legend, lmao!

      And yeah. No– to raping myself with anything, sarcasm included.

  • Nicolle

    @Trent – good for you, people including Gaga and others that use violence to shock, are using violence to get attention which is never correct and certainly juvenile. While I commend Gaga for her talent and SOME of her choices made in the name of equality I think her shock behavior screams “juvenile”. Gaga is extremely talented and she could ride that alone, there isn’t need for otherwise. It’s no different than Britney Spears being manufactured, Gage is shock, same thing. Both or either or, should rely on talent. Or in the case of those who speak here, intelligence.

  • AmandaMarie

    I love Lady GaGa. She’s incredibly talented and so over the top it’s stupid. She’s my homegirl for life. I just lovvvvve her!