Kevin Clash’s Accuser Wants To Undo The Settlement In The Sexual Abuse Case


Something tells me this story is absolutely not going away any time soon. Just when it seems like we have some answers, or some understanding as to what transpired between Kevin Clash (the voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo) and Sheldon Stephens, there’s a new development in the story. Last week we learned that Stephens was allegedly paid $125,000 to recant his allegations of sexual abuse against famed and respected voice actor puppeteer, Clash. We also learned that Stephens had a sketchy criminal past, and that he was an aspiring model. Apparently, he’s now coming forward and saying that he was basically forced to sign the settlement and recant, and he wants to undo the settlement because Kevin Clash really did have sex with him when he was underage. Click inside to learn more.

TMZ has the update:

The man who accused Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, of having sex with him while he was underage stands by his story, claims he was pressured into recanting it, and is now interviewing lawyers to help him undo his settlement.

TMZ broke the story … Clash and Sheldon Stephens entered into a settlement in which Clash agreed to pay Stephens $125,000, but in return the agreement provides the following:

“Stephens agrees that immediately upon execution of this Agreement, his counsel, Andreozzi & Associates, P.C., shall release the [following] statement … ‘He [Stephens] wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship.'”

We’ve learned Stephens has met with lawyers in Los Angeles and told them he was pressured into recanting his allegation and insists he’s telling the truth when he says he had sex with Clash when he was 16.

Stephens — who is now 23 — is telling lawyers he will gladly forfeit the $125,000  to restore his name.  Stephens is saying he was literally crying during the final negotiations and repeatedly said he didn’t want to sign.

Clash’s lawyer told us Friday he would have no comment on the settlement story.

As I said on the last post, I can no longer say one way or another if any of this even sounds true, or who’s story makes the most sense. If Stephens is telling the truth, hopefully he’ll find representation and get the justice he seeks. If he’s now lying (again… because he first recanted and said that the allegations were false), then hopefully the truth will eventually come to light.


  • Meghan

    This story needs to go away! Every update is more seedy than the last!

    • Serenity

      On the other hand, if Stephens *is* telling the truth, it’s good that these sorts of things can’t be buried as easily as they were a few years (decades?) ago.

      Stephens sounds like he has a troubled past and is probably a troubled young man, but that doesn’t mean he’s lying. I also wonder if part of the reason he’s having trouble with legal representation is that people are afraid to go up against an organization as big as Sesame Street’s.

      I only hope that justice prevails.

    • Meghan

      @Serenity- All very good points. Who can say who is telling the truth and who is lying in this case? The accuser has a troubled past, yes, but Kevin Clash was willing to give him a six figure sum to hush it up, which I find suspicious.

      To the larger issue it is very good that these things aren’t hushed up as they were with the Catholic Church and other organizations.

  • ck1

    This makes me wonder if someone said, “125K? Dude, hold out, you can get more!” I thought 125K was small change.

    It’s difficult to tell unless there’s proof. I’m still disappointed with the whole thing.

    • Paul

      I think it’s fairly safe to say that if someone gave him $125K then they will be asking for that money back. Also, it’s fairly safe to say that after breaking that deal, he will not get a new deal, if that’s what he was after. Public knowledge of the settlement pretty much ends any possibility of a new settlement, since it defeats the whole purpose behind the settlement.

  • Hannah

    I think this is why the police should have been contacted from the start not sesame street lawyers/investigators.

    I have no idea what the truth is, but I don’t think we will ever learn it if it is played out in the media

  • shannon from MN

    Seems like he’s more of a jilted ex than a victim. I do think that there was a physical relationship and as revenge for a not-so-pretty break-up, Mr. Stephens is out to ruin Mr. Clash’s life instead of moving on. (I, for one, would not be surprised to hear about Mr. Clash leaving “Sesame Street” for good in the coming weeks.)

    • emily

      I’ve been thinking he may be a jilted ex too. We all know exes can do some cray cray things, and ruining reputations is one of them.