Jessica Biel And Scarlett Johansson Attend The ‘Hitchcock’ NYC Premiere


Here’s the problem. Ever since Ashley Greene came on the scene, my red carpet standards have changed y’all. I mean, I’m still not over how amazing that girl looked at the Twilight premieres. But okay. So, Jessica Biel AKA Mrs. Timberlake¬†and Scarlett Johansson (AKA Leonardo DiCaprio’s “good friend”) hit the red carpet last night for the NYC premiere of their new movie Hitchcock. I am sooo pumped about this film and I was really excited to see what Jessica was rocking (because I often like her choices) but both ladies kinda disappointed me. Jessica wore an Oscar de la Renta tunic-and-trouser set (thank you RCFA), which the folks over at E! recently referred to as ‘grandma’s pajamas.’ LMAO. Yeah, ditto on that. Of course Jessica still looks pretty, but I just didn’t see this is a ‘premiere’ look. ScarJo wore a Rodarte dress with some black Gucci booties and– as much as I love this woman’s face– I just wasn’t into it. But that doesn’t mean the pics weren’t fun to look at! Peep the gallery for more (Toni Collette and Helen Mirren were also in the building), and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer for Hitchcock here. Sooo good!

[Photo Credit: Insight News & Features] [Source]

  • nicole

    what the…who dressed these two? especially jessica.. i mean home girl does know shes only 30 right?

  • Diva

    Justin needs get her a stylist ASAP. That should have been his wedding gift to her. Am I confused or did JT and Scarlett use to hook up? That would be weird….at least for me.

  • laurenl

    Love it when the post starts out “here’s the problem” yup it’s gonna be good!
    (Totally unrelated opinion but I forgot to comment earlier – Ashley Green tries too hard! Does anyone else picture her yelling at a hairstylist or throwing a makeup brush at someone for an eyelash being out of place? Or is that just me?)

  • emily

    Justin is smacking his head thinking, “I turn my back one time, ONE TIME, and she’s in Grandma Pajamas.”