‘What In God’s Name Are Those Pants?’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Well, we survived another week in celebrity and pop culture madness. But there are so many things I’m still not over! Like the Elmo situation, and the craziest, bestest episode of Scandal ever. However, there’s one story that really, really got to me, and that was the Twinkies Are Dunzo post. I mean, seriously. I haven’t had a Twinkie in 12 years, but if I don’t have the option of having a Twinkie, then I just don’t know how I’m supposed to soldier on in these increasingly difficult times. Luckily, I have PITNB reader comments to keep me going… and my kids, though they haven’t said ANYTHING about Justin Bieber’s SO DUNZO pants yet so I’m gonna have to ask them to step their celebrity commentary game up. LMAO! Click inside for more!

PITNBR Natalea was joined by, like, all of you who had lots to say about Justin Bieber’s fashion faux pas during his last-known date with Selena Gomez:

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, HOLD UP.

WHAT IN GOD’S NAME are those pants?

I mean, the whole post was like a photo caption contest! Y’all had me cracking up…


Awe! He’s finally old enough to have been potty-trained! Now he just needs to invest in pants not meant to fit around the diapers.


I’m guessing she decided to leave because he showed up in those hideous MC Hammer sweatpants.

Yikes! What is that poor boy wearing and someone get him normal sweatpants STAT!

PITNBR rachel:

i think that she was planning on getting back with him and having a night of insanely hot make-up sex… then she saw his pants and those fuchsia shoes and remembered that he was NOT sponge worthy. yikes, boy!

PITNBR schmee had some thoughts on the trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s new movie The Canyons. Except his thoughts had little to do with the movie and more to do with, um, who in the trailer he’d like to do stuff to:

I’ve never seen a James Deen movie (not because they’re porn but because they have women in them), but I’d hit that. I’d SO hit that.

LMAO. Thanks for clearing up your porn preferences schmee :)

PITNBR phatemokid spoke directly to my obsession with Judi Dench on Trent’s Skyfall review:

Judi Dench is my homegirl. That needs to be a shirt…

PITNBR Samantha also got necessarily inappropriate when she saw that unforgettable photo of Michael Fassbender massaging Ryan Gosling:

I think I just wet myself a lil…I lovveee Ryan Gosling

PITNBR Lisbeth Slander (whose name I luuuurve) was not impressed with Rihanna’s nude GQ cover shoot:

She’s about as edgy as a butter knife.

PITNBR Brent also had a new marketing suggestion for RiRi, and a new spelling of the word ‘vagina’:

Why doesn’t she just seal the deal: Purchase a billboard in Times Square and just slap on a big ole picture of her vageena

PITNBR emily shared a comment about an old story that caused a lot of buzz. I’m just now seeing her post, but I wanted to give her a shouts-out because she offers up some real food for thought for her fellow PITNBRS:

I didn’t comment on this b/c I was a few days past the posting, but the way several readers reacted to the “woman in CA who wrote racist things on her fb” story disturbed me. We have such a great community here, filled with open minded and intelligent people. A majority of those comments were the opposite – derogatory, hateful, spiteful and adolescent. There were comments about her weight, her intelligence and just plain rude things. The last handful of comments were thoughtful, but the first few were just … mean. I understand getting all fired up (Hello, I laid in SIN with my sarcasm about Beyonce) but one of the things I love about this blog is the open-mindedness of the readers. I’m still thinking about those comments because they were so off character for this blog. In the age of a divided country, we need to stop passing judgement and start behaving like respectful adults. OK, ok, a little snark can happen from time to time, but keep the bullying away from comments, it’s just not PITNB style!

PITNBR Ben@pr totally nailed it when he summed up the idea behind our new weekly post. This made me so ridiculously happy:

These posts about the PITNB readers comments is brilliant!!! Like NYC was the other character in SATC all the readers in this Blog are just another celebrity ; )

PITNBR MJ was as depressed as many of us were over the Twinkies/Hostess situation:

Just when I was going to start the Twinkie diet?! NO!

PITNBR Jennifer Wilson shared this one on the Dina Lohan Hates Cocaine post:

according to that top photo she also hates a hairbrush! zing!

PITNBR kendra replied to Jennifer and reminded me of why I sooo enjoy the back-and-forth that goes down between you guys:


Well said kendra. Well said.

Now there was one post that got more comments than any other this week, and I think we all know which one that was.  I just wanted to let y’all know that every single one of those comments deserves a spot on the best comments of the week post. I knew you guys had love for Trent, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an amazing outpouring of support for a single individual. Reading everyone’s kind, completely selfless comments made me so proud to call Pink Is The New Blog my home. All of you rule so, so much :)


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  • Xadax

    Harem pants!

    • Shannon

      Xadax, LMAO! And another one :)

  • Natalea

    Love these readers’ compilation posts!

    Thanks for the shout-out, Shannon. :)

    • Shannon

      Natalea, you’re welcome and I’m glad you’re digging the new post!

  • Ben@pr

    Just as emily shared one of the things that attract me the most of this blog are the intelligent, diverse and open-minded readers. You represent that very well as a writer with your very own style and point of view, Shannon. Thanks for the shout-out!!!

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, y’all are really, really the best. Thank YOU for all the support :)

  • Brent

    Thanks for the shout out Shannon. I wish I had your email. I have had the worst night of my life and need an awesome person such as yourself to cheer me up.

    • Shannon

      Brent! It’s shannon@pinkisthenewblog.com

      E-mail me anytime! Sidenote: last night the plumbing in my apt. went kapootz and I had toilet water POURING out of my bathroom sink, my kitchen sink, and my motherf**** dishwasher. See? We’re all having an ill week, lmao ;)

  • Joan

    Loved all the comments about Justin’s pants. Favorite post of the week for me! Everybody put all the relationship drama aside and just focused on the pants. LOL! I mean, who cares about Jelena when you have THAT to talk about!

    • Shannon

      Joan, LMAO! I know! We had no pity for the end of Justena, or at least we were all very distracted :)

  • rachel

    wow – i’m in the readers comments post!!!! i was so excited that i sent my kids upstairs to brush their teeth so that i could read the NSFW post to my husband! :) thanks very much for this honor, and for the lovely job you’re doing here on PITNB.

    • Shannon

      rachel, lol! Nothing like good hygiene as an excuse to read NSFW comments aloud :) Anyway,thank you so much– ‘sponge-worthy’ is my new favorite phrase.

  • ClaireMichelle

    The comments on Bieber’s pants had me rolling! Love it!

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, you and me both– y’all are insane!

  • Tamara Coker

    his pants kinda remind me of a horse you know with those bag things on their bottoms that catch all their pooh

    • Shannon

      Tamara Coker, LMAO– that’s a new one! Thank you :)

  • MJ

    Ooh, yay, I made the weekly comments! Day. Made. :)

    • Shannon

      MJ, Twinkie diets need to be a THING :)

      Lol, RIP…