Watch: Jeremy Renner Hilariously Spoofs ‘The Avengers’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’


Last night Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live and altho the episode wasn’t the funniest ep ever, it wasn’t all that terribly bad. Many of the skits were passable as comedy but the mid-show spoof of The Avengers turned out to be pretty damn funny. Renner, as you should know, plays the superhero Hawkeye in The Avengers and he reprises that role hilariously in this SNL spoof of the film. Actually, all of the SNL players’ portrayals of The Avengers superheros are, IMHO, pretty damn funny. Check out the skit above to see for yourselves. It’s kinda funny, yeah?

  • Ashley

    Trent, you didn’t mention about Jeremy’s amazing singing voice. I mean he was really good

    • @Ashley — Erm, that’s right, I didn’t ….


  • Lovey Villacrusis

    it sucks i can’t watch the whole episode. not from US. and hulu doesn’t work in here too.